Mooney: All About Winning in Boise

O'Dea HS LB Allen Mooney (Seattle, WA) has been nursing an MCL injury for the majority of the season, but took time this past weekend to hop on a plane and take his official visit to Boise State. To say the visit was a success is an understatement as the coaches and players treated him to a glimpse into his next 4-5 years. Allen had plenty to say about his visit and his medical status...

O'Dea HS MLB Allen Mooney (Seattle, WA) has been nursing an MCL injury for the majority of the season. "I went through rehab," he said. "I'm fine now."

Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen has been checking in throughout the rehab process as well. "Coach Pete just wanted me to get healthy," he said. "That was most important."

Mooney was in Boise for his official visit over the weekend and it was an unbelievable experience to say the least. "It's a great town," he said. "It's a football town and I can't wait to go back. They love Boise State and it's all about winning."

Allen arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of what he can look foward to shortly. "I caught the end of practice when I got there," he said. "I talked to Coach Pete and we went out to dinner. I watched practice on Saturday and went through a LB meeting with the team." The standout LB was impressed and attentive as the Broncos prepared for their Bowl Game. "I was wanting to learn everything that I could," he said.

One aspect of the trip that stood out to Mooney was the competition at practice. "The coaches do a great job," he said. "They have competitions and they keep them having fun. You won't find anyone wanting practice to be over. They know when to have fun and when to be serious," he added.

An MCL injury was a real setback for Mooney early in the season. He was able to overcome the injury through hard work and rehab. "I didn't get to play after the third game of the season," he said. "I went through physical therapy and I feel great now," he added.

O'Dea is one of the storied HS football programs in the State of Washington. Many programs would be fine with an 8-3 record. That's not the case at O'Dea. "It was a disappointing season," he said. "We lost in the first round to Lakes."

Injuries throughout the team kept O'Dea from reaching their full potential. "We had a young team and there were a lot of injuries," he said. "Freshmen had to play for the first time this season. Next year they'll be good with all of those young players," Mooney added.

How does Allen see himself fitting into the Bronco team chemistry on defense? "I bring intensity," he said. "That's the main thing that I bring. I have a lot of speed and I use that to my advantage. My knowledge and passion for the game rubs off on the guys around me."

All of the current commits seem to have a solid concept of what it really means to be a Bronco. It's all about a sense of pride. "It's a big thing," he said when asked about what it means to him to be on the winningest D1A team of this century.

"You are a part of something special out there. It brings great pride to me and I wear Boise State clothes all the time. They are the underdog and prove everyone wrong."

Allen remembers watching the Fiesta Bowl with his father, and a comment made then seems prophetic now. "My dad told me I could play like Korey Hall while we were watching the Fiesta Bowl." That's a mighty big comparison but Mooney has the leadership and work ethic to possibly make it happen. will continue to have updates on Allen Mooney.

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