Trip Report: Gabe Linehan

Banks HS ATH Gabe Linehan (Banks, OR) took his official visit to Boise State last weekend. The visit was an opportunity for Linehan to see what Boise has to offer and to get acquainted with his future coaches and teammates. He spoke to about the visit to Boise and his current conditioning program.

Banks HS ATH Gabe Linehan (Banks, OR) took his official visit to Boise State last weekend. The visit was Linehan's first real chance to experience what Boise has to offer. "The visit was good," he said. "My host was Richie Brockel. He showed me around and showed me some fun places. Was a nice confirmation for my choice."

Linehan (6'3, 205) roomed with (Bronco commit) Kirby Moore. "I roomed with Kirby," he said. "Kirby is a real nice guy. Fun to room with. We gave him a hard time about all the hype he's got to live up to," he added.

Gabe was busy throughout the weekend in Boise. "We had a lot of meetings with coaches," he said. "They fed us a lot. We woke up on Saturday morning and toured the campus," he added.

The recruits ate dinner at Chris Petersen's house on Saturday night. "We went out to dinner at Coach Pete's house," he said. Linehan felt right at home. "It's the kind of environment where you feel they are down to Earth," he said. The type of coaches and players I want to be around."

One aspect in particular stood out on Gabe's official visit. "I think the personable coaches stood out most," he said. "They have a close-knit relationship with each other and the players. That's the kind of team I want to be a part of," Linehan added.

Bronco fans can expect Linehan to work hard. "I hope to work towards being a big contributor," he said. "I'm going to work towards being a guy that's looked at as a leader and physical presence on the field."

The TE position seems like a strong possibility at this point. "We're leaning towards TE right now," he said. "I feel I have the most potential at TE. There are a lot of different things you can do at that position," he added.

Preparation for Linehan's future as a Bronco has already begun as he's attending Cassidy Performance Camp in hopes of building endurance. "I'm in a heavy boot camp kind of thing right now," he said. "It's a month long. It's a progressive workout plan and kind of breaks down your body. It helps teach you how to move with the most efficiency. I'd rate today's workout as one of the top ten sweatiest moments of my life." will continue to have updates on Gabe Linehan.

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