#25 Boise State Gymnasts Top Utah State

Without its top all-around performer, Boise State found strength in reserve. The 25th-ranked Bronco gymnasts put on a sizzling floor routine to knock off upstart Utah State last night in Taco Bell Arena.

#25 Boise State shook off the loss of all-around star Amy Glass to take a thrilling 194.350-193.60 dual gymnastics win over Utah State last night at Taco Bell Arena in Boise.  

Glass fell from the bars during warm-ups last week and fractured her vertebrae.  The popular Bronco sophomore did not lose mobility, but had surgery and will miss the remainder of the season.  Glass's Bronco teammates have dedicated the season to her and will wear silver support ribbons and patches in her honor.

The Broncos led after two rotations but Utah State parlayed a strong floor showing into a .55 lead going into the final rotation.  Four Broncos tied or beat their career bests on the floor to overtake the underdog Aggies.  "Our performances on floor tonight were phenomenal," said co-head coach Tina Bird. "Our assistant coach Patty Resnick deserves credit for that. Not only is she one of the nation's best choreographers, but she works tirelessly on all the little details that make up the difference like they did tonight."

 Sarah Smith's 9.90 led an incredible sweep for Boise State on the floor.  Kelsey Lang and junior Yvette Leizorek turned in solid career bests in tying for second with 9.85 scores.  Lindsay Kazandjian finished her first all-around competition with her third career best of the night (9.80) to take fourth while Fiona Leslie and Ruthie Pennington tied for fifth with scores of 9.775.

Boise State recorded its best floor score of the season (49.175) with the effort and also set a season best of 38.90 in the vault.  Despite less than desirable scores on the bars (48.30) and beam (47.975), the Broncos still topped their season-high team total by 45/100th's of a point.

Freshman Chelsee Apple nailed a career best of .985 to tie USU's Heather Heinrich on vault.  Junior Taylor Jacob notched her 12th career win on bars with a superb routine of 9.90.  Sophomore Mallory Dziawura tied for second with Utah State's Jackie Dillon with a score of 9.775.  Jacob was also second on the beam with a season-best of 9.775, just shy of Utah State's Nicole Simoneau (9.80). 

  Boise State 's Kazandjian finished right on her heels with a 38.925. USU's Rebecca Holliday and Lyndsie Boone rounded out the four all-around competitors for the night.

 Boise State takes on Illinois, Michigan State and Illinois-Chicago in the Chicago Style meet next weekend.


Team Results

1) Boise State 194.350

2) Utah State 193.600


VAULT Results

1) Heather Heinrich (Utah State) 9.850, Chelsee Apple (Boise State) 9.850

3) Jackie Dillon (UTAH STATE) 9.825

4) Kelsey Lang (BOISE STATE) 9.800

5) Shaniece Craft (BOISE STATE) 9.775

6) Ruthie Pennington (BOISE STATE) 9.750


BARS Results

1) Taylor Jacob (BOISE STATE) 9.900

2) Jackie Dillon (UTAH STATE) 9.775, Mallory Dziawura (BOISE STATE) 9.775

4) Nicole Simoneau (UTAH STATE) 9.725, Lindsay Kazandjian (BOISE STATE) 9.725, Katie Tuller (BOISE STATE) 9.725


BEAM Results

1) Nicole Simoneau (UTAH STATE) 9.800

2) Taylor Jacob (BOISE STATE) 9.775

3) Rebecca Holliday (UTAH STATE) 9.700

4) Heather Heinrich (UTAH STATE) 9.675, Lindsay Kazandjian (BOISE STATE) 9.675

6) Haley Hogan (UTAH STATE) 9.625, Sarah Smith (BOISE STATE) 9.625


FLOOR Results

1) Sarah Smith (BOISE STATE) 9.900

2) Kelsey Lang (BOISE STATE) 9.850, Yvette Leizorek (BOISE STATE) 9.850

4) Lindsay Kazandjian (BOISE STATE) 9.800

5) Erica Huelsmann (UTAH STATE) 9.775, Nicki Felley (UTAH STATE) 9.775, Fiona Leslie (BOISE STATE) 9.775, Ruthie Pennington (BOISE STATE) 9.775


 All-Around Results

1) Heather Heinrich (UTAH STATE) 38.950

2) Lindsay Kazandjian (BOISE STATE) 38.925

3) Rebecca Holliday (UTAH STATE) 38.500

4) Lyndsie Boone (UTAH STATE) 37.900


BOISE STATE:  VAULT: 48.900, BARS: 48.300, BEAM: 47.975, FLOOR: 49.175

VAULT: Chelsee Apple 9.850*, Kelsey Lang 9.800*, Shaniece Craft 9.775, Ruthie Pennington 9.750, Lindsay Kazandjian 9.725*, Raquel Turnbow 9.675*

BARS: Taylor Jacob 9.900*, Mallory Dziawura 9.775, Lindsay Kazandjian 9.725*, Katie Tuller 9.725, Hannah Redmon 9.175, Ashli Rainboth 8.800

BEAM: Taylor Jacob 9.775, Lindsay Kazandjian 9.675, Sarah Smith 9.625, Mallory Dziawura 9.525, Fiona Leslie 9.375, Cristy Dahlquist 9.150*

FLOOR: Sarah Smith 9.900*, Kelsey Lang 9.850*, Yvette Leizorek 9.850*, Lindsay Kazandjian 9.800*, Fiona Leslie 9.775*, Ruthie Pennington 9.775

All-Around: Lindsay Kazandjian 38.925*


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