Signing Day w/ the Bronco Recruits (Part 1)

The 2009 Boise State football recruiting class is already being considered as the best in program history. BSU finished with the top ranked class in the WAC and the Bronco coaches certainly have to be happy about the incoming talent that is heading to Boise. spoke to a handful of future Broncos about their Signing Day experience.

To say that recruiting isn't easy would be an understatement. It takes hard work and determination to be successful on the recruiting trail. That's why the Boise State coaches have to be happy about the incoming class of Broncos. The 2009 class brings more talent, speed, and size to the BSU football program than any class in the history of the program.

Jonathan Brown (S) (Alameda, CA) - "I signed at 7:01 am. I faxed the papers at around 7:45. Everyone was there at my school to see me sign. It was a dream for me. God blessed me. I kept thinking that I'm truly blessed to have this opportunity and I'm turning the page to my college life. I'm looking forward to putting in the hard work."

John Michael Davis (LB) (Las Flores, CA) - "I signed at around 7:30 am. Me and some of my teammates were there. It was really cool. Just can't wait to get up to Boise. It's a great feeling."

Malcolm Johnson (RB) (Gresham, OR) - "I signed at around 8:45 am. My mom, dad, and my grandpa were there. I signed in my living room. I was relieved that it was finally the day. I had been waiting for a long time. It feels great."

Justin Jungblut (DE) (Scottsdale, AZ) - "I signed this morning with my mom at around 7:05 am. It was real good. Nice to get that weight off your shoulders and get it done and over with. It feels great and I can't wait to get up there in the summer and go to the spring game with my dad. He can't wait to see Boise."

Charles Leno (OT) (San Leandro, CA) - "I signed at around 7:35 am. I signed with my coach and my dad in his office. We had a little signing day party around lunchtime. It felt good to finally get it done since I committed to Boise a while back. They have great people, great coaches, and a great team."

Ebo Makinde (CB) (Phoenix, AZ) - "I was excited and happy. Relieved as well. I signed at around 9:00 am at Marley's. It was for the top players in Arizona. We had breakfast. My parents, Justin (Jungblut), and the coaches were there. I'm looking forward to getting up there and getting things rolling."

Kharyee Marshall (DE) (Phoenix, AZ) - "I signed around 7:30 am. My family, my coaches, the dean of athletics, and my principle were there. Man, it was great to know all of those people were there for me. It feels good to officially be a Bronco."

Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe (DT) (Boise, ID) - "I signed at school at around 12:30. It symbolized that I'm now a Bronco. It felt like everything was over and I felt good. Coach, my host family, my teammates, and my friends were there. I'm excited to get started, workout, and do something."

Look for Part two of this series featuring quotes from future Broncos about their Signing Day experience shortly.

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