Broncos Tie School Record for Top 25 Finishes

Yet another Boise State school record has been tied. The wrestling team finished 11th at the NCAA National Championships, giving the Broncos their third team to finish in the national Top 25.

Boise State is poised to break yet another school record in athletics.

The Broncos have never had more than three teams finish in the top 25 of their respective sports in the same school year.  Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier has positioned Boise State to do just that this spring.  Having not just broken but shattered the existing school mark for Top 25 teams in a year (going from a record 4 to 7 so far...), the task now turns to finishing.

The Boise State football team did slip from 7th in the country but was able to at least finish 11th.  The women's track team finished 19th in the nation.  Yesterday the Bronco wrestling team finished 11th at the NCAA National Championships in St. Louis. 

The record for top 25 finishes by Boise State is three.  In the 2004-05 school year, the football team finished in the top 15, the gymnastics team was #20 and the track team was 14th.  This year's Bronco teams have tied that mark.

The Boise State gymnastics team and men's tennis team are currently in the Top 25.  If one of them can finish there, the Broncos will set yet another new standard. 

Can they do it?  Stay tuned.


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