Corral Conversations: Joe Southwick

San Ramon Valley HS QB Joe Southwick (Danville, CA) is one of two QB signees in the 2009 Bronco recruiting class. Southwick's senior season saw him garner honors from all over the State of California and he recently visited Boise for spring practice this week. He spoke to about his current offseason workouts and what he hopes to accomplish on his trip to The Blue.

San Ramon Valley HS QB Joe Southwick (Danville, CA) is one of two QB signees in the 2009 Bronco recruiting class. The highly regarded QB prospect visited Boise for spring practice this past week. "I'll be up there from Wednesday through Sunday," he said. "I'm hoping to meet with Coach Harsin, Coach Pete, and some of the players," he added.

Southwick (6'2, 190) will hope to soak up all of the information possible while on the trip. "I'll especially be absorbing everything the QBs do," he said. "I'll be watching intently. Spring practice is a lot like normal practice in terms of tempo and how they react."

The Bronco offense is often considered one of the more complicated systems in college football and Joe has gotten a head start. "Me and Coach Harsin have been learning the playbook," he said. "I've got the base stuff. I'm going to get some one on one time with Coach Harsin on the trip. I'm just taking baby steps."

The future Bronco QB will redshirt during the 2009 season and he's looking forward to it. "I know my role coming in," he said. "The redshirt season won't be much of an adjustment. I'm just going to come in and help out in any way that I can. I'm happy I get to ease into it."

The first time Joe puts on that blue uniform will be a special moment. "I'm looking forward to that Oregon game," he said. "I'm happy that I just get to stand on the sideline in my uniform. I'll help signal in the plays and talk to Kellen (Moore) when he comes off the field. It's going to be a great game."

Looking back, it's tough for Joe to know that he won't be participating in summer workouts with his old HS teammates. "I'll miss summer workouts the most," he said. "Summer workouts are always tough at our school. It's my favorite time. I miss Friday nights as well. I just wish them the best of luck next season," Southwick added.

Southwick's workout plan has already been put into action. "I'm benching 250 on the max," he said. "That's coming along well. I weight about 190 right now. I've put on eight pounds in a month." Chris Petersen has informed Joe that the ideal playing weight is about 215 pounds. "I'll bulk up in my redshirt year." will continue to have updates on Joe Southwick as he prepares for his arrival in Boise later this summer.

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