Boise State, Oklahoma Chase "Niners"

Ever since the classic 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State and Oklahoma have been showing up in the same historic lists of successful football teams. If the Broncos can win nine games this fall, Boise State and Oklahoma will be part of an elite group of just eight schools in the modern era and 10 in the history of college football to win nine or more games in nine years of a decade.

This past season, Boise State and Oklahoma became the 22nd and 23rd teams in college football history (1872-2008) to win nine or more games in eight years of a decade.  The two teams have a shot to accomplish what only seven other schools and nine other teams have done in the modern era—win nine or more games in nine years of a decade. A decade is defined as beginning with a year ending in 0 and ending with a year ending in 9; for example, "The 50's" (1950-1959), "The 60's" (1960-1969), etc.  

Texas already achieved their ninth season this decade of nine or more wins and can become the fifth team ever to finish a decade with nine wins in every season.  No other school in the nation has the accomplishments to join the Broncos, Sooners and Longhorns in this prestigious historic group.  

Georgia and Virginia Tech have each won seven games this decade.  Auburn , Florida , Miami of Florida, Michigan , LSU, Ohio State and TCU have won nine or more games six times.  

Boise State started out the decade going 10-2 in 2000 before an 8-4 campaign in their first season in the Western Athletic Conference. That was to be their only season of less than nine wins so far this decade. After that introduction, the Broncos improved by leaps and bounds in 2002 going 12-1 and defeating Iowa State of the Big 12 Conference in the Humanitarian Bowl. Boise State followed that up with great seasons of 13-1 and 11-1 in 2003 and 2004 respectively, including a win over TCU on their home field in the 2003 Fort Worth Bowl.

2005 was a disappointment as the Broncos went 9-4 but rebounded strongly to finish 2006 as the nation's only undefeated team, capped off by the classic Fiesta Bowl game in which Boise State shot out to a 21-10 lead and held off Oklahoma 43-42. The Broncos were 10-3 in 2007 and 12-1 last season.

Just ten schools and thirteen teams in history have won nine or more games in nine out of the ten years in a decade.  Nebraska accomplished this incredible feat in three different decades (the 70's, 80's and 90's).  Yale recorded nine or more wins in nine seasons in both the 1880's and 1890's.  Other teams to do it are Pennsylvania and Princeton in the 1890's, Arkansas and Oklahoma in the 70's, Florida , Penn State and Tennessee in the 90's and now Texas in the 00's.    

Here are those schools that finished a decade with at least six seasons of nine or more wins.  Successful teams of the current decade are also listed.



Mississippi 50's (3), 60's (3), Arizona State 70's (7), 80's (4), Arkansas 60's (5), 70's (9), 80's (6), Auburn 80's (7), 00's (6), Boise State 00's (8), Boston College 00's (6), BYU 70's (4), 80's (8), 90's (4), Carlisle 1900's (6), Clemson 80's (6), Colorado 90's (5), East Carolina 70's (4), Florida 90's (10), 00's (6), Florida State  80's (6), Fresno State 80's (5), 00's (5), Georgia 80's (6), 00's (7), Georgia Tech 50's (5), Harvard 1880's (4), 1890's (8), 1900's (6), Hawai'i 00's (5), Houston 70's (5), Kansas State 90's (7), Louisville 00's (6), LSU 00's (6), Miami of Florida 80's (8), 90's (8),  00's (6), Miami of Ohio 70's (4), Michigan 1900's (5), 70's (8), 80's (7), 90's (7), 00's (6),  Nebraska 60's (6), 70's (10), 80's (10), 90's (10), Notre Dame 20's (6), 40's (4), 70's (6), 90's (6), Ohio State 70's (8), 80's (7), 90's (6), 00's (6), Oklahoma 50's (7), 70's (9), 80's (6), 00's (8), Oregon 00's (5),  Penn State 60's (3), 70's (7), 80's (5), 90's (9), Pennsylvania 1890's (9), 1900's (8), Princeton 1880's (4), 1890's (9), San Diego State 70's (5), USC 20's (5), 30's (4), 60's (4), 70's (6), 00's (7), SMU 80's (4), Syracuse 90's (5), Tennessee 30's (5), 40's (3), 80's (4), 90's (9), 00's (5), Texas 60's (6), 70's (6), 80's (4), 90's (4), 00's (9), Texas A & M 90's (8), TCU 30's (7), 00's (6), Toledo 00's (5), UCLA 80's (6), Utah 00's (4), Virginia Tech 90's (5), 00's (7), Washington 80's (4), 90's (4), West Virginia 80's (4), 00's (5), Wisconsin 00's (5), Yale 1880's (5), 1890's (9), 1900's (9)


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