Joe Southwick: 'It's All About Competition'

San Ramon Valley HS QB Joe Southwick (Danville, CA) was in Boise last week to observe spring practice and see his future teammates in action. The standout QB liked what he saw at practice and he's looking forward to joining the team for summer workouts in a couple months. He spoke to about his trip to Boise and his one on one time with the Bronco coaches.

San Ramon Valley HS QB Joe Southwick (Danville, CA) was in Boise last week to observe spring practice and see his future teammates in action. "I showed up on Wednesday," he said. "I loved it. It got me excited since I'll be a part of this in a short time. I'm excited to make that transition."

Southwick watched Kellen Moore's performance very closely. "Kellen did good," he said. "He commanded the offense. He has a great understanding of the game. He made sure everything was clicking," he added.

After practice, Joe was able to spend a little bit of time with the sensational Bronco QB. "I hungout with Kellen after practice on Wednesday and we talked in the meetings. He was very nice to me and that's expected. It'll be a fun year at the QB position."

The future Bronco QB liked the organizational aspect of the Boise State practices. "The practices were very well run and organized," he said. "I loved that. I'm excited to be a part of them and work as hard as they expect. I'm learning the offense right now and it's a big curve for me. It's all about competition. You're supposed to win."

The defense was flying all over the practice field as well. "The defense was making plays. I think our defense will be stellar. Our secondary will make it tough for teams to pass on us and I saw some solid D-line play. They were really getting after it."

Two future Broncos got to spend a little one on one time last week as Kirby Moore was also in town. "I threw with Kirby Moore," he said. "He came down on Wednesday with his dad.

Bronco fans have to be excited about the future when it comes to the WR position. "Kirby is a great player," he said. "Aaron (Burks), Kirby (Moore), and Geraldo (Hiwat) are going to be great when we get older. Kirby is the big guy. Aaron and Geraldo are the outside guys. It'll be a very skilled WR core."

Joe offered high praise for Kirby Moore. "He's very precise in his routes from what I noticed," he said. "He runs his routes crisply. You can tell he wants to run his routes correctly and precisely," he added.

The meeting with Coach (Bryan) Harsin helped Joe get a better grasp of the offense. "The meetings with Coach Harsin were great," he said. "I've got all of the formations down. I've started learning progressions, pass plays, and coverages. I feel like we got a lot done. Now I have to study hard so I can hit the ground running." will continue to have updates on Joe Southwick as he prepares for his arrival in Boise later this summer.

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