Johnson Owns Oregon One More Time

New Bronco RB Malcolm Johnson recently participated in the annual Oregon Senior Bowl, reserved for the top players in Oregon. Johnson led the North Team to victory, and now he's looking ahead to his official arrival in Boise and the start of fall practice. He spoke to about his workouts in Boise, his Senior Bowl performance, and his future as a Bronco. (FREE HOLIDAY CONTENT)


Sam Barlow HS RB Malcolm Johnson (Gresham, OR) recently participated in the annual Senior Bowl that is reserved for the top players in the State of Oregon. The future Bronco helped lead the North Team to victory. "We won 32-14," he said. "It was really neat. I was so pumped for that game when we got out on the field. I really wanted to win that game," he added.

Johnson's performance was solid as he proved he could match-up with the best in Oregon. "I had like 120 yards rushing and two kickoff returns. I also had two catches and a TD," he said. "Our conference wasn't really that strong. I believe playing as well as I did proved I could play with the best. I didn't really think about it until afterwards."

The highlight of the game came in the fourth quarter when Johnson broke loose for a long TD run. "It was kind of an inside zone and I bounced it out really quick," he said. "I cut back by their outside backers and bounced it all the way back around for a 52 yard TD."

Senior Bowl week provided Malcolm with lasting memories. "It was really cool playing with the seniors and guys going somewhere to play ball. Just getting to know them and practice with them. It was one of the funnest games I've played."

Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha called to congratulate Malcolm on his excellent performance. "I talked to Coach Keith," he said. "He congratulated me on the game and stuff."

The future Bronco was in Boise recently for a week of summer conditioning. "It was pretty tough," he said. "All the players are cool. I stayed with Daniel Paul. The Tuesday workout was real tough. We had to run gassers and four corners."

Malcolm got to spend some free time with his new teammates. "I hung out with Daniel and his roommate. Me and (Jeremy) Avery hung out for a while. It was really cool. I like them a lot. Just laid back and cool guys."

Johnson is now working hard as he hopes to arrive in the best shape possible. I'm working out every week," he said. "No vacations or anything. Just working out a bunch."

The standout RB will return to Boise in just a couple weeks as fall practice is fast approaching. It's not set yet," he said. "It'll be sometime in mid-July." will continue to have updates on Malcolm Johnson as he prepares for his arrival in Boise later this summer.

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