Boise State--A Decade Of Dominance

In this article, bar 4 d reviews the facts and figures behind Boise State's remarkable success over the last ten years.

Boise State 's overall record of 108-20 since 1999 is a winning percentage that tops the country over a 10 year period.  Teams like Oklahoma , Texas , Penn State , Nebraska , Ohio State and USC are chasing the Broncos. 

Here's a by-the-numbers look at what Boise State has accomplished since 1999, without a question a Decade of Dominance.  (stats and data from Boise State Football, the official website of Boise State University .)

What other pundits and info centers say about Boise State football since the year 2000: 

College Football Data Warehouse says Boise State leads all 125 D-1 football programs with a winning percentage ranking of 426.09 with Texas #2 and Oklahoma #3.


Blatant Homer, of "Tilting At Windmills", picks his top ten stadiums that are the toughest to win in since 2000.

Homer ranks Bronco Stadium #10 with Oklahoma #1, Florida #2, and Oregon #3.

Just for drill I took a closer look to see who is #1 measured on percentage of wins at those home stadiums. The answer? Why Boise State of course. Oklahoma is #2…and Oregon takes Boise State 's place at #10.

1. Bronco Stadium - Boise StateHome record since 2000: 56-2  (96.55 winning percentage)

What Homer said about the Broncos.  "The Broncos have a tough time convincing the big boys to come play them on the smurf turf, so they haven't pinned many big's skins on the wall. Tough to top the Broncos' consistency at home though. Boise 's last regular season home loss? 2001 to Washington State . Will Oregon end that streak on opening week?"

2. Owen Field - OklahomaHome record since 2000: 55-2   (96.49 winning percentage)

3. Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium - TexasHome record since 2000: 50-4                                                                            (92.59 winning percentage)

4. Ohio Stadium - Ohio StateHome record since 2000: 54-8  (87.09 winning percentage)

5. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - USCHome record since 2000: 50-9                                                                                              (84.74 winning percentage)

6. Ben Griffin Stadium - FloridaHome record since 2000: 49-9  (84.48 winning percentage)

7. Tiger Stadium - LSUHome record since 2000: 50-10       (83.33 winning percentage)

8. Jones AT&T Stadium - Texas TechHome record since 2000: 47-10  (82.45 winning percentage)

9. Reser Stadium - Oregon StateHome record since 2000: 43-12  (78.18 winning percentage)

10. Autzen Stadium - OregonHome record since 2000: 44-13  (77.19 winning percentage) ranks Boise State as the #6 winningest football program since 1945, a list including 120 D-A programs.


James Howell's, Data Base-Conference, records all games played by the major programs against their conference-mates from 1869-2008.  Howell ranks Boise State 's winning percentage of .844 as #1.

Others of note in game percentages won against their conference mates.

.752 Oklahoma                                                                    

 .724 Nebraska                                                                               

.748 Miami                                                                                    

.723 Michigan                                                                               

.723 Ohio State                                                                             

.719 USC                                                                                       

.705 Texas                                                                                         

.700 Alabama                                                                                   

.669 Tennessee                                                                           

.625 Penn State                                                                                

.630 Utah   

.620 Fresno State       

.601 Georgia                                                                                       

.600 Nevada                

.593 BYU              

583 Florida                                                                                       

.527 Arkansas                                                                                    

.509 Hawaii                                                                                   

.468 TCU                                                                                      

.460 Oregon                                                                                       

.445 Wyoming                                                                                  

.386 Oregon State


Way back when…the Boise Junior College national championship days.  The team competed against most of the power programs on the Pacific Coast and throughout the country, ending their junior college football era (1933-1967) with a record of 199 wins, 61 losses, and 9 ties, an all-time junior college record.

From the Boise State University , Albertson's Library, the Lyle H. Smith collection.


And of course the great January 2, 2007 , Sports Illustrated recap by Arash Markazi, of the "The Greatest College Football Game Ever Played".

"When it was over, even Hollywood couldn't have scripted a more dramatic ending. This was the ultimate underdog story of a team that believed from the start, refused to give up even when it looked bleak and pulled off the improbable. It's one thing for a Cinderella team to upset a heavily favored opponent, but c'mon, this is ridiculous."


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