Boise State Joins Elite Group Of Eight

No, a victory over #14 Oregon last night didn't put Boise State in the Big 12, the Big 10, the Big 8, The Pac-10 or the Pac-8. What it did do was put the Broncos in the All-Time Top 8 for consecutive regular season home wins.

The BroncoCountry article "What The Broncos Can Achieve In 2009"  listed a few accomplishments that the team could reach this season.  

It did not take long for them to make history.  

Boise State downed #14 Oregon last night in Bronco Stadium for the school's 50th consecutive home win in the regular season.  In the process, they became one of just eight schools since 1869 to record 50 straight regular season home wins.  Five of those did it prior to 1916.  In the modern era, the Broncos are one of only three schools to achieve 50 straight regular season wins at home.  

Princeton holds the NCAA record with 75 in a row from 1887-1900.  Miami of Florida (1985-1996) is the modern leader with 69 straight.  The Hurricanes won 58 in a row at home until an Orange Bowl loss to Nebraska in 1994.  They won 14 straight home games following that defeat but three were in Orange Bowl wins.  Alabama (1963-1982) won 58 straight regular season home games to rank third.  

Legendary Carlisle was victorious in 52 straight from 1901-1915, fellow early football great Pennsylvania also won 52 straight from 1889-1896 and Michigan had its origin of what we now know to be an outstanding tradition in 1901, reeling off 50 in a row until a home loss to Pennsylvania in 1907.  Yale also put together 50 straight home wins from 1886-1895.  

And now Boise State joins that group.  

Of course, the 2005 MPC Bowl loss to Boston College in Bronco Stadium is counted as a postseason home game.  The Broncos are in the all-time top 15 for a 50-game home record of 49-1.   

Boise State began their streak following a loss to Washington State in 2001.  Following that defeat, the Broncos accumulated the top home winning streak in the nation and one of the best in college football history with 31 in a row until that season-ending loss to Boston College.  With the win over Oregon last night, Chris Petersen's team now has won another 20 straight at home.  

Included in Boise State 's 50-0 record in the regular season is a 4-0 mark against schools from Bowl Championship Series conferences. Boise State is 3-0 against Pac-10 teams, 1-0 vs. Big-12 teams, 32-0 against Western Athletic Conference foes, 2-0 against teams from the Metro Athletic Conference, 1-0 against Conference USA, 1-0 vs. I-A Independents, 2-0 against the Sun Belt, 3-0 vs. the Mountain West and 5-0 against I-AA or FCS teams.

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