LOI and Boise State, Rebuilding or Reloading?

As Letter Of Intent Day 2003, Feb. 5, approaches I feel excited and awed by what a job Hawkins and crew are doing on the recruiting trail. Just a little over a year ago I decided to take a closer look at who was coming into the Bronco Football family. We had just finished a year marred by the disappointment of being left out of a bowl. A year, that saw the departure of Jeb Putzier, Matt Hill, and others. There were questions, as there always seem to be....

.... questions about whether our offensive line would gel, and about the defensive line, our secondary etc. That look took me to last year's LOI day, my first and a new association with the Posters, thanks guys and gals. The questions last year are similar to this year's, is Boise State Reloading or Rebuilding?

This year, more than last, that question is heard over and over. This year those questions include WR's, RB, Oline, Dline and LB's, in all 17 starters of 19 seniors. These questions have led to Boise St. being left off all 2003 Preseason Top 25 polls. These questions have led to DOUBT about our legitimacy, and that Boise State needs to rebuild after losing so many players. This 'Doubt' comes so soon after fulfilling our season's motto of, "Leave No Doubt".

In my opinion the Boise State Broncos are most certainly RELOADING. This conclusion has been reached with consideration of several key factors:
First, Coach Hawkins and his staff's recruiting record over the past few years. I know Koetter was here for part of that time, but Hawkins ran the recruiting. So to paraphrase the Joker, "Wait till they get a load of us now."
Second, preparation of our underclassmen for ‘their time'. This preparation has come on the practice field, but it has also and most certainly been attained on the field. Nearly every game saw Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors getting playing time and gaining a significant amount of invaluable experience.
Third, the quality of coaching is an immense factor in our success. Simply look at our record vs. that of the Univ. of Idaho. We recruited the same areas and yet one is in turmoil and one finished in the Top 15 in both major polls. Any guesses? Need I say more?

These three key factors, and others, lead me to determine that Boise State is RELOADING and NOT Rebuilding. Beware WAC, beware Ore. St. and BYU, Boise State has plenty of ammo and the magazine is already loaded for 2003.

Letter of Intent Day 2002 was full of oohs, ahhs and full of excitement, joy, pride and anticipation. I left LOI Day last year with even more of a swagger in my step. I left Buster's with pride in being an Alum of Boise State, and with a desire for Spring Ball to start the very next day. Over the next year, Spring and Fall ball came and went, with even more enthusiasm for what was to come. Then we tailgated with pride and passion for a team that was "Leaving No Doubt" in its 12-1 season in which we tore through the WAC, and defeated at Big 12 Team in the H-Bowl. When the final tally came out we were #12 and #15 in all the land. LOI Day 2002 excitement proved true.

Letter of Intent Day 2003 will prove that Boise State has RELOADED with some outstanding recruits, that it has left the Rebuilding to others, and that there really should be "No Doubt" about the Boise St. Broncos in 2003. So, for those who can, come on out and join us for LOI Day 2003 for it is sure to leave you with a sense of excitement, joy, pride and anticipation. Ohh and ahh at the quality and caliber of this year's class, join me in cheering for the new Power in the WAC, the Boise State Broncos.

Is it Spring ball yet?

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