Fan's Corner--Miami Of Ohio Game

Numerous people chimed in with their goals and expectations for this week's Boise State football game against Miami of Ohio. Let's see how the Broncos measured up.


In what has become a popular feature on BroncoCountry, we turn to the fans to review Boise State 's 48-0 win over Miami .  

BSU96 hoped the Broncos would find another receiver to make big plays besides Pettis and Young.  "Shoemaker preferably," he said.  And Shoemaker it is.  "Shoe" had three catches for 55 yards and was thrown to several times.  He proved he could get in the creases of the defense for big yards.  Three great receivers at one time has been a trademark at Boise State and it appears that trend will continue.  Toolbag and Jayman1023 were looking specifically for Young to become involved, and Titus passed the century mark with six catches for 114 yards.  At least as important if not more so, he helped stretch the defense even on plays in which he couldn't convert.  Jayman wanted a long TD reception by TY; he got a long one and a short one!   

Similarly, BroncoBlueGrass wanted "a couple of long ones to Pettis and Young.  Sunthas also wanted big plays by Harper, Avery, or Moore and 50+ yarders at least twice.  "Perhaps a TY coming out party!"  How's a 54-yarder for a touchdown to Titus and a career-long 65-yarder to Pettis?  

Timbuckbsu also picked up on the theme of getting other receivers involved, looking for "someone from the Shoe, Mitch, Potter trio to step up and make plays."  Not only was Shoemaker a big factor, but Potter caught a pass and made a great punt return.  Further, we now know that high school record holder Kirby Moore will not redshirt.  While he didn't show up in the box score, he made some good blocks that were not unnoticed.  

OldBSUBlue was hoping the offensive line could "establish a downhill running game early" before the Redhawk defensive line was worn down.  I don't believe that's what we saw unfortunately.  What I noticed was that once backs got past the line, they were all by themselves.  Boise State has been famous during the last decade for linemen raging downfield delivering crushing blocks to further aid backs.  This is seriously something that the line needs to work on.  

Similarly, nocoolnamejim emphasized the need to establish the run, not only if Boise State were fortunate enough to make a big bowl game but to avoid the impression that the Broncos are just a "gimmicky WAC team that can't play "real football" by pounding the ball down people's throats."  Well said and quite insightful.  If the current offensive line isn't helping to pound the ball down throats, there must be players on the roster that can do just that.  

Brad999, Fotograffir, cajunbronco and timbuckbsu wanted improved exchanges on offense and I think they cleaned that up quite a bit for the most part.  Brad999 wanted a few huge plays on offense and the Broncos improved notably from the Oregon game there.  Brad looked for a Kyle Wilson interception but I think he would take four from others on the Bronco defense.  He and sheard also counted on the offense to score in the red zone and they did noticeably better.   

Nocoolnamejim was hoping Boise State could "avoid the turnover bug".  Much improvement from game one with just the one interception.   

Overall, BlueBludded looked for a balanced attack with a couple of touchdowns each quarter—"the Boise State offense of old."  The Broncos delivered on that goal every quarter except the second.  Jayman wanted a fifty point win but 48 will have to do.  He was also hoping for 300 yards rushing and 200 passing.  Moore went over 300 yards but only 127 yards from the running game—definitely an area Boise State has to improve upon.  

Beef Zerkie said it was "pretty simple—win by seven touchdowns."  "With Boise State 's schedule, he noted, RUTS is all the Broncos have to hang their hats on."  BZ wanted seven touchdowns; he got them!  

Special teams play was definitely on the minds of Bronco fans.  Tundrarat wanted clean special teams play and no miscues on offense.  He also was looking for the Broncos to stretch the field with the deep pass.  He mentioned Titus Young, but Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore threw the ball deep to all three of the starters.  Boise State replaced their holder after the missed extra point—let's hope that got the problem solved.  The offense was definitely more fluid, with few penalties, only the one interception and one fumbled snap which Moore fell on.  Still work to do there.  CouchCat, BlueBludded, PHXbronco, Upbronco, sheard, Jojobro and others all mentioned special teams as an area to focus on.  

BlueandorangeDynasty and nocoolnamejim were looking to get some young guys in— Boise State played a lot of their roster.  Dynasty was right on when he called on the backup kicker to get in a kick or two.  Not only did Jimmy Pavel kick an extra point and handle a kickoff but it was good to see Brad Elkin in as well.  Even a super talented athlete like Kyle Brotzman cannot do everything and it could be that he needs help in one or two areas so he can concentrate on his specialties.  Nocool pointed out that part of Boise State 's secret is getting ahead enough to get their reserves plenty of action so that "the next crop is always ready before they are starters."  

Given the "Blu-Nami" performance against Oregon , nocoolnamejim and antjr felt it important to maintain that same level of effort and intensity.  As nocool said, "It wouldn't look good to give up eight points to Oregon one week and then come back and give up 21 to Miami ."  Antjr called on the Blu-Nami to "play at the level or better than the Oregon game."  Hayzer and Upbronco too were looking for a lock down defense. Bar 4 d wanted another 8 point or less "D" effort.  Boise State seemed willing to give up the short pass but overall another strong performance in getting the shutout.  Frankly, a performance like we saw against the Ducks only comes around once or twice in a lifetime but I agree—as close to that as possible!  

Jojobro wanted discipline in the secondary to keep to their assignments and was looking for at least two picks from the defensive backs.  Bingo—Iloka and Johnson.  Jojo also wanted "workmanlike destruction by the d-line—no less than that."  It may be tough to find fault with a defense that doesn't allow points but I felt the defensive penetration was less against Miami than against Oregon .  Sorry but I have to say an off-performance up front from a very talented group; they had their moments but against a line filled with lowerclassmen, the Broncos should have dominated the line of scrimmage.  One thing's for sure—they won't find the going nearly as easy against Fresno State Friday.

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