Bronco's Winning Ways Impress Recruits..

The Broncos started their quest for yet another undefeated season with a victory over Oregon on September 3rd. The game was called by some the biggest ever on The Blue, whether that's accurate or not, many recruits took notice of the outstanding performance by Boise State. BroncoCountry spoke to the Bronco commits and recruits about the Bronco's winning ways, and the Oregon game in particular...

Currently Committed To Boise State:

Kyle Sosnowski - "I thought it was outstanding. The outcome was great for the fans and BSU really came to play. Oregon wanted to get revenge but I still think they overlooked them. The defense was crisp and always on cue. The DBs had great coverage and that helped contain Oregon's fast receivers. The crowd was awesome and it was so loud. You could hardly hear yourself talk. The whole stadium, parking lot, and arena was filled. It was insane."

Bryan Douglas - "The crowd impressed me most. I loved everything. The atmosphere was crazy up there. I didn't have a voice the next day."

Grant Hedrick - "It was a good game. I had a bunch of friends over. They are all Duck fans and I was wearing my Boise State shirt. It was a good defensive game. All my friends told me I made the right decision. Being from Oregon, I have the bragging rights now and it's cool to see my future school beat down on my in-state team."

Recruits Considering Boise State:

Pierce Richardson - "Watching Boise State play on a big stage like that was awesome. I got to talk some trash with some of my friends. The atmosphere was crazy and that's the kind of atmosphere I'd like to play in. I like how they use the TE. They have a great offense, a great QB, and a great coordinator."

Troy Ware - "I really liked the attitude at their stadium. (Austin) Pettis is pretty good."

(2011) Austin Seferian-Jenkins - "It was a good game. Boise State definitely came to play and showed they can compete against top tier talent. It was an amazing atmosphere. I could see them rocking on TV. I wish I could have been there."

Austin Reifeis - "I thought it was a pretty good game. I was pleasantly surprised how Boise State fought the whole game. It was a real grudge match. The atmosphere looked amazing. There was a lot of energy and I'm sure that was a lot of fun to play in."

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