How Did Boise State Do Saturday?

After watching the Boise State-Fresno State game, it was evident there was much work to be done if the Broncos were to reach their goals. Prior to this week's Bowling Green game, Bronco fans spelled it out.


In this week's Fan Corner, we review how Boise State responded after a less-than-perfect win over Fresno State .  

Broncs4ever called on the Broncos to "act like they have been there before when they score or do well."  Apparently Titus Young didn't get the memo and according to Coach Petersen, "he's doing extra work this week."  

After the performance at Fresno State , many Bronco fans wanted the return of the Boise State defense, Upbronco, Sunthas, CouchCat and TheFlern among them.  As Flern commented, "I'd like Boise State 's top ten defense to come back.  We saw them since Autzen in 2008 until the second quarter in Fresno .  Let's see this group rebound and have some new guys step up to carry more of the load."  The first team basically pitched a shutout, as both Bowling Green touchdowns were scored off a unit that featured second and third-team players.  I did like the way Hunter White played—very crisp, sure tackling and he was always around the ball.  

Upbronco wanted Boise State to hold the Falcons to 10 points or less.  They could have possibly done that if the second team had not started coming into the game in the second quarter.  He nearly predicted Bowling Green's output, calling for the Broncos to hold their opponent to under 100 yards rushing and under 175 yards passing (Bowling Green rushed for 93 and passed for 190.)  And again, those numbers would have been lower in all likelihood if the first team had played throughout.  

He looked for a pick from Kyle Wilson.  Broncoshane wasn't as specific but just wanted at least two picks.  Once again, KW did not get one, but Jeron Johnson and Brandyn Thompson did.  Jojo hoped for the cornerbacks to play tight.  "I don't want to see the Falcons' Jimmy Barnes be able to create much separation," he said.  Barnes came into the game as the nation's #1 receiver, averaging 14 catches per game, and hauled in 10 against Missouri of the Big 12.  Barnes was held to four receptions for 24 yards by the Bronco secondary.  

Cajunbronco and yovirg wanted to see solid tackling.  As BlueandorangeDynasty put it, "The D needs to get their swagger back which starts with crisp tackling."  By and large, that improved with Bowling Green's longest run being 14 yards and only three over 10 yards.  What I noticed was Boise State really limited yards after the catch as well.  Nicely done.  

Jojo wanted the Bronco defensive ends to get three sacks.  The unit which started so strong against Oregon really hasn't had that kind of effort since.  

Broncs4ever wanted Boise State to dominate both lines.  Jojobro too called for continued improvement in the offensive line.  "I think they are headed in the right direction as a unit," Jojo remarked.  

BroncoPacker looked for Boise State to avoid easy offensive miscues (snaps, handoffs, penalties).  The Broncos have cleaned most of those up with the exception of field goal attempts.  

Cajun wanted solid rushing and Fotograffir hoped Boise State "would not skip a beat with the running game after losing D.J. Harper."  Sunthas wanted a 50-yard run from Martin.  Doug Martin enjoyed his first 100-yard game with 116 yards and a touchdown on just 13 carries (8.9 average) and did score on a 34-yard touchdown.  Jeremy Avery had 92 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries (7.7 average).  Well done.  

Does the illustrious Upbronco have a crystal ball?  He looked for 180 yards rushing and Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore to throw for 260.  The Broncos hit 267 on the ground and threw for 262!— Moore threw for 247 before coming to the sidelines.  

I thought BroncoPacker had an interesting observation.  He called on the Broncos to "use the middle of the field with tight end utilization and wide receiver crossing routes."  We saw Kyle Efaw catch two passes and Tommy Gallarda one, but I don't remember a lot of passes over the middle.  Maybe something for Offensive Coordinator Bryan Harsin to make note of.  

‘Packer wanted Boise State to "shock them deep a couple of times." And Jojobro called on the team to "lengthen the field with a half-dozen long passing attempts of 25 yards or more."  Flern also was looking for 40-yard plus touchdowns this game.  The Broncos really did not go there this time.  

Cajun wanted "Kellen to finally make the big completion with Kirby." And zorki1c also wanted to see "Moore and Moore".  Kirby did make his first collegiate catch, but it was Mike Coughlin that threw the pass.   

BigHumps said "It is nice to see the running game work but I would also like the offense to get into a good rhythm with a mix of run and pass.  We have an awesome QB with a great stable of RB's.  Let's have the opposition bewildered in how they will scheme against the Boise State O."  I don't think Boise State has utilized Kellen Moore to his full potential.  Part of this is by design as the Bronco coaches have made it clear that Boise State will improve the running game.  That is what cost the team the Poinsettia Bowl and the coaches are determined it won't cost Boise State a win this year.  

Brad999 wanted "TY to have a good day and KM to increase his completion percentage."  Wow, did he hit the nail on the head!  Young had six catches for 58 yards and two touchdown runs of 25 and 18.  All Moore did was enjoy the sixth best passing performance in school history, competing 17-of-21 passes for 247 yards and two touchdowns before leaving the game.   Moore 's passing percentage was 80.9 percent.  

BlueandorangeDynasty called on Boise State to "finish every red zone possession with a touchdown."  The first entrance into the Falcons' red zone resulted in a Titus Young 18-yard run for six early in the second quarter.  Doug Martin culminated the next penetration with a 34-yard touchdown, although that of course does not count as a "red zone possession".  Boise State started the next drive at the Bowling Green 25 and Young took it in on the first play for a TD.  So far, 2-2.  However, on the very next chance, Boise State drove it to the six and set up a first and goal from there.  The Broncos did not punch it in on three runs and then a fumbled snap on a field goal try ruined the drive.  Boise State made up for it with a nice drive that ended in a 17-yard touchdown pass from Moore to Austin Pettis.  Boise State drove to the Falcon 16 but the drive ended in a missed 38-yard field goal attempt.  

In the third quarter, Boise State was given the ball on the Bowling Green 11 following a fumble recovery.  Two plays later, Moore flipped a short pass to Ritchie Brockel for six.  Late in the fourth, the Broncos began a drive on their own 35 and with Mike Coughlin at the controls, marched down the field and Jarvis Hodge scored his first career touchdown from a yard out.  All told, Boise State was 5-6 from the red zone.  Fix the snapping and they meet Dynasty's goal.  

Dynasty wanted a balanced offense.  What he got was 262 yards passing and 267 yards rushing.   

Yovirg looked for "near flawless execution in all phases of the game".  TheFlern wanted a complete game from the special teams.  As he said, "Special teams are an indication of how good a team actually is."  Broncoshane demanded "not one bad snap."  The poor snap on Kyle Brotzman's field goal ruined that.  Clearly, it is an area Boise State must clean up or it will bite them at some point this season.  Flern wanted a special teams touchdown and once again, Boise State did not get one.  

Jojo said "it is time for Kyle to return a punt all the way."  Opposing teams are trying various methods to keep that from happening and credit Bowling Green punter Nick Iovinelli for a superb game that included great hang-time.  Boise State was held to zero punt returns for zero yards.  

Orangeappeal's wish was very basic:  "I'd like the team go from three wins to four."  Check.


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