Fan's Corner--Boise State Vs. Tulsa

Fan's Corner returns this week with a look at how the Boise State football team did against Tulsa.



As Boise State did not please too many fans with their performance a week earlier, Fan's Corner returned with the Bronco faithful wondering what had happened to their team.   

Bronco Psyche wanted Boise State to take what the Tulsa defense gives them and destroy them with it, rather than being obsessed with the run.  The Broncos, however, continued to strongly emphasize the running game, with 44 rushing plays and just 32 passing.  Boise State got 6.0 yards per pass and 4.4 yards per rush.   

Boisebaron pointed out that establishing an offensive balance is critical.  "As a fan," he said, "I want to see that Boise State is improving each week at o-line and able to run."  They did get 193 yards rushing and Doug Martin picked up his first 100-yard game as a Bronco with 112.  So while the long-passing game was almost non-existent, the Bronco coaches are intent on getting the offensive line to open up holes.   

OldBSUBlue looked to Doug Martin with more of Martin running between the tackles.  He also wanted two-back sets with Avery going around the corners and Martin north and south.  BSUhead's comments were similar—"Showing and creating a real threat up the middle just keeps those linebackers more and more honest when they start cheating.  Force them in there and all kinds of good stuff happens."   

We didn't see too much of Avery and Martin together, but the Broncos generally are trying to do what OldBSUBlue and BSUhead called for—establish the north-south running as well as jetting out around the end.   

Brad999, alanweezie and BSUhead wanted to see good clean snaps under center.  I believe we saw 100% from the Broncos.   

OldBSUBlue called on more pressure on the quarterback and in this case, "stop G.J. Kinne from big gains from scrambling."  

OldBSUBlue wanted at least two sacks and two picks.  Zork1c was also right on target by saying that the d-line needed to get some sacks and "disrupt the Tulsa backfield—make the QB make some bad decisions."  LJPurvis emphasized that it was important for the Bronco defense to get pressure on Kinne.  Jojobro too emphasized the defensive line, calling for it to "establish itself immediately."  Evidence of this, he said "will be containing the running of their quarterback and running backs with the help of the linebacking corps."  Jojo wanted the Broncos to keep Tulsa 's offense predictable and one-dimensional.  

As Brad999 said, "We need physical play to return to both the Boise State offensive line and defensive line."  Flashypaws was adamant:  "I'd like to see the d-line shed some freakin' blocks and make some tackles in the backfield, seriously."  

Ryan Winterswyk got a huge sack on Tulsa 's last drive and also his pressure on Kinne was responsible for the one-hopped throw that ended their chances.  Shea McClellin and Billy Winn combined for a sack just prior to halftime when Tulsa had the ball on the Bronco 48.  McClellin had another sack in the second quarter when he got to Kinne on a third-and-two at the Bronco 41.  McClellin also made one of the big plays of the game when he batted down a pass from Kinne at the line.  Earlier in the second, Winterswyk recorded his first sack that disrupted the Tulsa offense which started their drive on the Bronco 45 following a fumble.  Tulsa went three-and-out as a result.  

I want to expand upon this dimension of the game because it was crucial to the outcome.  Jojo wanted Boise State 's defensive line to establish itself immediately.  The Broncos must have read his comments because they stopped Tulsa cold on the first two plays of the game.  Defensive tackle Billy Winn got help from linebacker Daron Mackey on the opening play when they had a Kinne sandwich for a loss of one.  After tremendous pressure from the Bronco defensive line, Kinne was tackled again behind the line by Nickelback Winston Venable for a three-yard loss.  

On Tulsa 's next possession, Mackey got penetration into the Golden Hurricane backfield to nail Damaris Johnson for a loss.  Tulsa was forced to punt once again after its second straight three-and-out.   

Winterswyk had a tackle for loss on Johnson.  Chase Baker and linebacker Hunter White teamed up for another stop of Kinne behind the line.  Tulsa did not score in the second quarter.  McClellin and Venable got into the Tulsa backfield for yet another tackle of Johnson behind the line in the third quarter.  That drive ended in a three-and-out.  Tulsa did not score in the third quarter either.  

Byron Hout joined in by pinning Charles Clay to the turf in the fourth quarter.   

The Bronco defensive line returned to the form they displayed in the season opener against Oregon and lived up to the potential that Bronco fans felt they had all along.  Boise State would not have won the game without them, and fans look for that fierce, aggressive play to continue every game for the remainder of the season.  

Brad999 wanted to see the Bronco defense force turnovers.  Tulsa put the ball on the turf three times, but Boise State could not get to any of them.  The Broncos will have to work on taking the opposition completely out of the play so they cannot recover loose balls.  

OldBSUBlue was hoping Titus Young and Martin could regain the form returning kickoffs as they showed against Fresno .  Young had three returns for 51 yards and Martin one for 12.  Clearly, the lanes opened against Fresno State were not duplicated in Tulsa .  

As the old adage goes, "A win is a win is a win."  Boise State fans must remember to always be happy with that.  The Broncos may not get as far nationally as they would like when all aspects of the game do not go their way, but they have already accomplished what 112 major college football teams have been unable to do—  

Win every game.

Gentry Motors, Proud Boise State and BroncoCountry Supporter

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