Orange you glad you're a Bronco??

Orange. Orange. Orange, orange, orange. Such a strange word. There's no commonly known rhyme for it in the English language. There's no reason for the divisiveness in Bronco-dom.

Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds on or around the Boise State campus knows that the Bronco team colors are blue and orange. Blue and orange. Orange and blue. Boise State has the notoriously infamous Blue Turf. This same Blue Turf that has developed its own persona and cognizance that it deserves to be capitalized like any proper noun. This Blue Turf is instantaneously recognized in split seconds on sports show highlights. This Blue Turf that has caused many a mighty football team to stumble and fall. The treasured goals at either end of the Blue Turf are colored orange.

One of the most successful concepts to come out of the Boise State Athletic Department's administrative offices was the Orange Out for the Fresno State football game in October of 2002. In my opinion, this was the acme of special moments during a extraordinary year. This was the single-most galvanizing football activity that all Boise State fans, and yes, the Boise community, has experienced in several years. Nearly thirty-one thousand of your closest neighbors experienced for a few short hours a commonality that struggles to exist in our modern society. On a Friday night in October, 30,924 people with disparate generations, socio-economic situations, religions, ethnicities, creeds, backgrounds, political needs, all met together common in mind and spirit, wearing orange. That night, ESPN and the nation witnessed how a small community all dressed in orange can support a very good football team from a financially-limited, state-supported university.

Bronco colors are blue and orange, right? Why not all dress in blue? one might ask. Merchandise has been available for years in blue and a variety of assorted colors for Bronco faithful. Blue is a subtle color that gives a sense of coolness, like water or rain, a passiveness. Orange, on the other hand, has no subtlety to it... it gives the viewer a sense of heat, anger, rage, vibrancy. Blue and orange are the perfect yin-yang complement for Boise State. Blue is a pleasant enough color—many people feel comfortable wearing blue every day to work, to the gym, in the yard, meeting your future in-laws for the first time. Orange is a color that you may not want to wear to your best friend's wedding, to a job interview, or to a parole board review. Isn't it garish? Uh, yeah! Orange may not be a color that you wear everyday, to the office or to church. Hopefully, you have enough other-colored Boise State merchandise that you can wear non-orange colors then, if the preacher doesn't object too loudly. But for all functions Bronco, orange is a must.

Orange is a color that inspires and invigorates the Bronco team. Orange complements the Blue Turf and accentuates the Bronco uniform. Having a full stadium dressed in orange, accentuating the Blue Turf, bonds strangers with strangers. Wearing orange is an identifying mark that shows your undying fiery fidelity to the Broncos, come what may. The orange-clad stranger sitting next to you will knowingly understand your internal fire and zeal towards the Broncos, and may develop a friendship with you using your loyal devotion to Boise State as a base.

Orange is a color of impact. A mass of orange seems larger than it really is. Imagine what the reception in Reno would have been had everyone worn a different color of clothing with "Boise State" embroidered on it. The sea of orange would have been called the sea of mottled colors. The estimated number of Bronco faithful would have been reduced from 5,000 down to its more likely number of 3,000. Would we have been able to identify ourselves among the home team? Would the football team have been as impressed? Would the Reno fans have been as overwhelmed?

Look at the Nebraskas, Tennessees, and Georgias of the known college football world. Their fans all deck out in the most vibrant color of their teams, in order to create a more intimidating atmosphere at home. When these schools travel to away games, the opposing team always knows who the fans are, where they are staying, and where they are sitting. We can do the same with our orange. In activities like LOI day, pep rallies, homecoming parades, we should all adorn ourselves in orange. Wearing orange requires us to raise ourselves above our basest stylish concerns.

We wear orange because we are Broncos!

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