Meeting The Demands Of The Fans

When you are fortunate enough to be as successful as Boise State, the demands can be great. In this edition of Fan's Corner, we look at how the Broncos' performance against Hawai'i measured up. (Photo by rights are reserved.)


As Bronco fans haven't been as thrilled the last two weeks as they have been at different points in Boise State history, we were all waiting to see what the Bronco football team would do next.  On the agenda:  a date with the Hawai'i Warrior football team on the beautiful island of Oahu .  

Mapleleafbronco hoped that the Broncos would look and play like a top five team.  He wanted the big plays stopped cold and to beat the 25-point spread that Las Vegas had set for the game.  Bronco fans clearly wanted the big plays by the opposition to stop.  Jojobro called on the Broncos to allow "absolutely no big pass plays for easy touchdowns."  Alanweezie too wanted no big plays and error free ball.  Ezstrokin said something similar—"The ball does funny things on the rock.  I just want sound football.  No blown coverages and no big plays."  Upbronco felt the defense should not give up any big plays and hold Hawai'i to under 17 points.  By and large, Boise State accomplished all of this.  Outside of the "snaps" issue, you could substitute just about any team in America in their place and they couldn't have performed any better.  

 The entire Hawai'i experience is not dealt with lightly.  They are blessed with wonderful weather and eye candy everywhere.  This is not easy for the 19 and 20-year old kid to handle.  There are temptations and diversions everywhere.  Enter the Boise State coaches.  They have been experienced in dealing with players in Hawai'i .  They set tough standards and demand compliance.  Boise State fans are fortunate to have them in Boise .  They have the players' respect and run a top-notch program.  

Besides the mop-up touchdown, Hawai'i never had a drive longer than eight plays and that ended with an outstanding interception in the end zone by Boise State 's Jeron Johnson.  In fact, if you look at Hawai'i 's drive chart, you would think they were going against Texas or Alabama :  Fumble, punt, punt, punt, fumble, interception, punt, interception, punt, fumble, stopped on fourth down, interception and the touchdown right before the end of the game.  Hawai'i 's biggest run was 16 yards and their biggest pass play was 30.  Prior to the start of the fourth quarter, the Warriors had a total of four pass plays and three running plays that exceeded 10 yards.  The only Hawai'i touchdown came halfway through the fourth and it was on a 10-yard pass.  They finished with nine pass plays and four rushing plays over 10 yards for the game, with just one play over 20 yards.   

Jojobro wanted the Bronco secondary to have a strong, consistent performance.  Two interceptions, he thought, "would be a good sign of the secondary getting back to dominant form". Daysomeday too wanted the Bronco secondary to step it up and begin to live up to preseason expectations.   Besides the aforementioned interception by Johnson in the second quarter that thwarted a drive when the score was still 17-0, Johnson had another pick in the third quarter.  Linebacker Hunter White also picked one off in the second.   

Polar Opp had the crystal ball of the week when he called for the Broncos to force five turnovers—they had six, with an even mix of three interceptions and three fumble recoveries.  Byron Hout got one recovery, Winston Venable forced another that was recovered by Brandyn Thompson and Daron Mackey jarred a third ball loose that Johnson picked up.   

The defensive line that was so solid against Tulsa was important too.  Jojo wanted pressure on the quarterback, with the defensive ends getting sacks and the tackles "continuing to jam the core of the Hawai'i line."  Brad999 too wanted sacks and to pressure the quarterback into throwing interceptions.  Boise State got some pressure on Bryant Moniz and Shane Austin, but unfortunately the Broncos only got one sack by Billy Winn.  Many of the turnovers were caused by intense line play and pressure in the backfield, although there were no tackles for loss.  

Jojo wanted Boise State to continue to involve the Bronco tight ends in the passing game.  He looked for eight receptions between them because he felt that it would "set up a more diverse and dangerous passing attack."  Kyle Efaw had one catch for 28 and Chandler Koch had a reception for 10.  

Daysomeday looked for a solid running game in the red zone with four runs if needed to punch it in.  Matt Kaiserman rushed on five of seven plays on a Bronco drive at the end of the third quarter.  Later in the fourth, Kaiserman carried the ball what is believed to be an unprecedented 11 straight plays from the Bronco 49 into the Hawai'i end zone.  Maybe Kaiserman is what the Broncos have needed all along.  

Ezstrokin wanted big plays from the offense.  Jeremy Avery had a 21-yard run that led to Boise State 's first touchdown.  Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore made a beautiful fake on the play action and hit receiver Tyler Shoemaker for 35 yards to finish the drive.  Facing a fourth-and-four on their own 45, Bronco punter Kyle Brotzman unleashed a perfect 28-yard pass to Jeron Johnson to keep the drive alive.  In the second quarter, Austin Pettis threw a perfect strike to Efaw for 28 yards on the double pass.  Two plays later, Moore hit Titus Young for the 24-yard TD.  Young had an 18-yard run in the third.  On the next drive, Moore spotted Young all alone for a 48-yard bomb.  Nicely done Broncos!  

Upbronco called on the Boise State special teams to not allow any scores and they bottled up the Warrior special teams all night.  In addition to the nice pass play on a faked punt, Brotzman added four field goals.   Brad999 was right on when he called for "only one kickoff (the opening one of the second half."  Hawai'i had just two kickoffs--one to start the game and one with seven minutes remaining in the game.   

MBulmer0 felt like this was the moment of truth for the 2009 Boise State football team.  He looked for the Broncos to "finally keep penalties and turnovers to a minimum and soundly beat a team that is playing their worst football in years.  The Broncos had six penalties for 78 yards, and would greatly reduce that number if they kept their heads on straight after the play.  Bulmer  predicted a final of 49-17 and didn't miss it by much.    

Fotograffir wasn't too demanding:  "I want an exciting game to keep me awake or a Bronco blowout in the first half in case I fall asleep at halftime (since the game starts at 10 p.m. here).  

Boise State took his concerns to heart and built a 31-0 halftime lead!

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