Reviewing Fans' Wishes For The Spartan Game

Each game is different. One week, Boise State will win a game with superior defense. The next week, they'll feature a strong running game. Then, Kellen Moore will fire five touchdown passes. Or Kyle Brotzman will kick four field goals. This week's edition of Fan's Corner reviews Boise State's performance against San Jose State.

Given Boise State 's 45-7 win over San Jose State Saturday, one would expect that Bronco fans are happy.  

With all the media focusing on bad snaps, it was the hot topic in our Fan's Corner.  Brad999 didn't want any "#^&#%^&^#&^#&$&" bad snaps!"  Number one on LJ Purvis's list was clean center exchanges.  

Upbronco wanted to see a 54-9 win (he wasn't too far off) and "no goofed-up snaps from center to quarterback."  The Broncos cleaned that up fairly well although I believe there was one.  Cajunbronco nearly got his wish for over 50 points.  

Nashville Bronco and Boisebaron wanted a shutout.  We have to hand it to San Jose State for the nice first-half drive that produced points.   

Brad999 wanted to see a strong running game and Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore finish with a solid efficiency rating.  The Flern looked for "a dominating run game" with 300 yards rushing and four TD's.  Whoa, guys!  Let's not get carried away.  The Broncos managed to pick up 140 yards and two touchdowns.   

"That's not too bad for the first half," The Flern says.  

Umm, that was for the game.  Looks like a tough week of practice for the offensive line.  

Meridian Bronco looked for the Bronco offensive line to keep the "Nacho Brothers" "far, far away from Kellen Moore."  They Bronco o-line came through.  It was Pompey Festejo that sacked Moore instead.  

BlueandorangeDynasty wanted crisp execution in the red zone.  The Flern hoped that Kirby Moore could get "plenty of third and fourth quarter action."  Kirby Moore's 61-yard catch and run from brother Kellen doesn't qualify as red zone execution nor was it in the second half but it's likely both will take it.   

Boise State fumbled on their first foray into the red zone, losing the ball at the San Jose State nine.  The next time, they drove from the 35 to the 15 and Kyle Brotzman kicked a field goal.  Prior to halftime, Mitch Burroughs found himself wide open for his first touchdown as a Bronco, the recipient of an 18-yard pass from Moore .  After Jason Robinson made a brilliant strip on the ensuing San Jose State possession, Moore dove in from a yard out.  The Broncos entered the red zone again in the third quarter, driving from their own 38 until Moore hit Austin Pettis with an eight-yard score.  The Broncos finished 4-5 in the red zone for a total of 24 points.  

Meridian Bronco wanted to see "lots of quality playing time for Mike Coughlin."  The talented junior played nearly an entire quarter and did quite well, connecting on four of six passes.   

Boisebaron hoped to see a lot of Matt Kaiserman and Tommy Gallarda catching passes over the middle.  Kaiserman ran for 27 yards on six carries and caught two passes for 20 and Gallarda caught one pass for 14.   

Gooseycheeks wanted quick-scoring drives of 4-6 plays ending in touchdowns.  The Moore to Moore connection was on the fifth play.  The other first quarter drives ended in a punt and a fumble.  On the first possession, Boise State took 10 plays but it did in fact end in a touchdown.  The Broncos scored on a five-play drive right before halftime, and prior to that, a six-play drive that ended in a touchdown.  In between, though, Kyle Brotzman had to punt but boomed a 67-yarder.  An eight-play drive resulted in the Pettis touchdown in the third quarter but it was sandwiched by two drives that ended in punts.  Two more Bronco punts in the fourth preceded a nice five-play drive culminating in a36-yard dash by Doug Martin.  

Defensively, Purvis looked for Boise State to hold the Spartans below 200 total yards.  So close—the Spartans finished with 223.  BlueandorangeDynasty hoped for 3-4 sacks and Cajun specifically was looking to Billy Winn to provide two of them.  Ryan Winterswyk got the nice sack on the last play before halftime.  Byron Hout sacked Spartan quarterback Kyle Reed in the fourth but the Broncos fell short in the sack department and, while Winn helped the Broncos get five tackles for loss, he did not get to the quarterback.  

Brad999 called on Boise State to get a bunch of turnovers and force punts the rest of the time.  Purvis also deemed it important to win the turnover battle.  Kyle Wilson made a nice move to get his first interception of the year that he turned into a 27-yard touchdown and Jason Robinson's aggressive play resulted in a strip and fumble recovery that led to Boise State 's touchdown prior to the half.  Gooseycheeks too wanted the Bronco defense to fore three-and-outs.  Boise State accomplished this on San Jose State 's first drive of the second half and Wilson made their next possession a "one-and-bye-bye".  Jason Robinson gave them the ol' "one-and-look what I've got" prior to the half.   

Purvis hoped Boise State would feature good punt and kickoff returns.  Polar Opp wanted to see a punt return of 30+ yards.  Wilson did generate a 17-yard punt return which is his long for the year.   

Mapleleaf Bronco hoped the Boise State reserves would play the entire fourth quarter.  I believe they began entering the game midway through the third.  

In summary, the Broncos continue to win.  They might not have perfect games, but they find ways to win.  They can do it on the ground, through the air, on special teams, or on defense.  When your team is that complete, you're going to be successful.  And when it comes down to it, that's all we fans can ask.

Gentry Motors, Proud Boise State and BroncoCountry Supporter

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