There Is One Dominant Team--Boise State

Using nearly every measurement of on-the-field success over the last 13 years, Boise State is the one team that stands above the field in college football. They are not perfect--they're not always going to play their best and they don't always win. But when you look at their accomplishments, their success is undeniable.

When I was growing up, the kids in our neighborhood were quite active.  We would meet every day after school and nearly every day in the summer and play football, basketball, baseball or soccer.  In the summer of 1972, inspired by the Summer Olympics that year, we decided to have a competition amongst us involving the events of the Olympics.  

We didn't compete in every Olympic event, but we did as many as we could.  We raced against each other in all the track events, competed in things like the high lump, long jump and triple jump, did all the swimming events and even put the gloves on and boxed.  

We did everything very professionally--or so we thought. We even handed out medals for gold, silver and bronze.  We used different sized coke lids, cut a piece of Styrofoam to fit inside, wrapped it up with gold or silver aluminum and put a blue ribbon through it.   

It was quite fun, and it felt pretty neat to win the gold medal!  No kids from other neighborhoods were included—it was just us.  

Of course we weren't the fastest, the strongest, or the best athletes in the world.  But we had gold medals nonetheless and we were proud.  

I use this analogy because it reminds me of the Bowl Championship Series in football.  For years now, a group of people have gotten together and handed out hardware and other various rankings and ratings.  They have gone to extreme lengths to come up with elaborate systems to decide who the top college football teams in the nation were.   

The teams that they decided were the best rarely played anyone farther than their back yard.  They mostly just played each other and had fun doing it.  If other teams wanted to join in on the fun, they just told them "no" and went on with their business of playing each other and handing out their awards.  

They had all these #1 rankings and bowl trophies.  All this time they thought they were the best there could be, when actually, there were different teams in different neighborhoods—ones that they had never heard of or given much thought to.  

Turns out that one of these teams that they had always ignored and refused to play is better than they are.  Imagine the surprise and consternation when this group of kids—I mean teams found out that all the honors and awards they had bestowed on each other all these years meant nothing because they had never tested their skills against the team they had always put down.   

This team was from another neighborhood, a land far, far away from theirs.  This team began competing with the same teams that they had been playing…and winning.  They realized that they could not compete with this new threat and refused to play them, even on their home turf.  So the team scheduled the games they could and won.  

Now this team was dominating the game they thought they played exclusively among themselves.  They were grabbing all the attention away from them.   

All the rankings, the honors, the medals, seemed hollow.  

Because as much as they'd like to believe it, they could no longer claim that they were the best at what they did because they had not beaten the new team.  When an exclusive neighborhood holds its own competitions and its own awards, it makes them oblivious to the truth.  

There is one dominant team in college football over the last 13 years and that team is Boise State .  And the fact that the exclusive neighborhood teams have refused to play them makes their accomplishments rock solid.   

To borrow a phrase from our juvenile days, if they think they are better, then Prove It!  

Coach Chris Petersen's Boise State team is now tied for or is #1 for the best record this season (13-0), over the last two years (26-1), three seasons (35-4), four seasons (48-4), five seasons (58-8), six seasons (69-9), seven seasons (80-10), eight seasons (92-11), nine seasons (100-15), 10 seasons (110-17), 11 seasons (120-20), 12 seasons (126-25) and 13 seasons (130-32).    

In fact, the only time period in which Boise State is not #1 is from 1996-2009, including their first year in major college football. Even including that 2-10 first season, Boise State is now #4.

The Broncos may not win medals made out of Styrofoam or be invited to play in the exclusive neighborhood's games, but they are the best team in the nation.  Have been for quite some time.  Although they haven't won the Styrofoam medals or been crowned "national champion" by the exclusive neighborhood, they are the best team in the land.  

The Bronco players can take solace in that.

And in continuing to win football games.


Gentry Motors, Proud Boise State and BroncoCountry Supporter

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