Boise State Unbeaten For 4th Time In 6 Years

Boise State joined Nebraska as the only two teams since 1915 to record four unbeaten, untied seasons in six years. The Broncos are 13-0 this season and were undefeated in 2004, 2006 and again last year.

Boise State became the second team in modern college football history and the fourth overall to record four unbeaten, untied regular seasons in six years with a 42-7 win over New Mexico State Saturday afternoon in Bronco Stadium.

The Broncos won big on Senior Day to finish 13-0, their second consecutive unbeaten season.  Boise State was 12-0 in both 2006 and 2007 and 11-0 in 2004.

Nebraska was undefeated in four seasons from 1993-1997.  They were 11-0 in 1993, 12-0 in 1994, 11-0 in 1995 and 12-0 in 1997.  Those four Cornhusker teams were 46-0 compared to Boise State's mark of 48-0.  The only other teams to accomplish the feat besides the Broncos and Cornhuskers were Yale and Washington in the early days of college football.  Yale went 13-0 in 1888, 1891 and 1892 and 16-0 in 1894.  Washington was 7-0 in 1911, 6-0 in 1912 and 7-0 in both 1913 and 1915. 

There are two other teams that enjoyed four unbeaten, untied seasons in the early years of football but did not play a minimum of six games in a year.  Michigan was 2-0 in 1884, 3-0 in 1885, 2-0 in 1886 and 3-0 in 18887.  Princeton was 1-0 in 1872, 1-0 in 1873, 4-0 in 1874 and 2-0 in 1875.

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