Zag's Frags.. Fiesta Bowl Edition

PRE-GAME MUSINGS: Zagco will always remember this game for one bit of pre-game smack, by TCU: A defensive player said they were going to "have their way" or something to that effect, with Kellen Moore. We'll see. Oh, we'll see. Yes we will.

Well, right off the bat, Zagco is pleased to see that we are wearing the orange fancy pants.  We haven't seen the orange in awhile, and these are even updated and new with the modern striping scheme.  Zagco is a stickler for fashion, owning several pairs of Versace Couture jeans, and he thought that there was WAY too much blue on the field at the Poinsettia Bowl last year.  Plus, orange goes well with the Fiesta Bowl logo and colors and whatnot. 

Anyhoo, Zagco senses a palpable degree of anxiety amongst the fans.  It's apparent.  Booze can help, of course, but you always run the risk with booze of getting obnoxious and mad.  He hopes that those of us who do indulge pre-game will be happy drunks. 

Oooooh!  And TCU is wearing those cool gunmetal/horned frog print helmets!!!!  Those rock!   They resemble, in a rather impressionistic way, Jimmy Johnson's hair or, perhaps, one of those cool marble-ish bowling balls.

Zagco generally agrees with most of the general themes of what Boise State must do in order to win this game—do better against the run on defense, be able to run better on offense, etc.  On defense, Zagco is specifically concerned with the linebackers.  They were better last year, but memories of two years ago, especially against Nevada, linger.  TCU's running game resembles in some ways the Nevada run game, and we fans can all remember how our linebackers always seemed completely out of place to stop runs.  They were better last year, but still had trouble against TCU.  TCU is just a flat-out great team, so Boise State hardly stands alone in the world of trying to slow down the Horned Frog attack.

Zagco is also sure that TCU's Jerry Hughes is licking his chops thinking about going up against a 267-pound freshman tackle filling in for an injured starter.  Yikes!

Hey, last night, KTVB's people in Glendale were breathlessly reporting that the field would still have Arizona Cardinals logos.  Wrong-o.  Looks like the normal Fiesta Bowl field to Zagco.  This is the kind of thing that has caused Zagco to ignore network news and rely entirely on the Internet for his understanding of current events.  Hehehe.

If there's one thing that's bugged Zagco in the build-up to this game is the total lack of any smack talk about which school has the hottest chicks.  COME ON PEOPLE!!!! 

Oh, and the other thing of interest to Zagco is the notion, via statements from at least one player, that we will be changing up our defensive look.  What does that mean?  Zagco wonders how long it will take to tell.  Will it be dramatically different?  Will it be like that old Oakland Raiders scheme where everyone lines up at the line of scrimmage?  That would be soooooooooo cool.  Hehehehe.  Anyhoo, Zagco has a hard time imagining what might be different.  We'll see soon enough.

Zagco has never really trusted football coaches that wear visors.  It's just a personal bias thing.

The bands were good!  Zagco was sure happy to not hear "Thriller" again.

Solid choice to have Michael McDonald do the Star Spangled Banner.  You can't really go wrong with a former member of the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.  Might have to pop in The Forty Year Old Virgin tonight, after the game!

Boy, on television, that orange in the crowd sure pops out a lot more than purple.  Both schools must have a lot of fans there, but Zagco's eyes see orange all over the place.  Last time, you could see red for Oklahoma pretty solid in about half the stadium.  Plus, the crowd noise was very subdued when TCU entered the field.  Are their fans quieter?

What a lovely lady we have that rides that horse!

Hey, why are we always the visiting team in bowl games?  Oh crap, we lost the coin toss.  Might as well go home.  So far, the fancy pants are not working!!!!!!!!!

As far as the pre-game analysis and opinionating, Zagco really has not paid much attention.  He's already heard it all.  Great game, TCU will win, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.  The only one who's picked us to win is Zagco's donkey Santos, who lives in Bolivia.  Zagco gets it.  We lost to TCU by 1 point last year with a depleted defensive line and a number of missed scoring opportunities.  We had tons of returning players (as did TCU), so it only makes sense that we'll lose worse this time!!!!


Let's play the game and find out!


Kickoff!  Uneventful.  You never know what you might get from Brotzman, so it's always a bit of a surprise.  Hehehe.

Zagco noticed nothing different on defense.  Three and out.  Was our linebacker sprinting over to the left before the snap something different???  Do we have more linebackers playing than normal?

Crap, TCU's first punt had helium in it!  Damn.  Not fair.  Do-over!!!  Hehehe.

That is like the 6th time that Kellen Moore has overthrown a wide open Titus Young.  It will be nice to see him mature as a quarterback to start hitting those.  That was a touchdown.  He does not throw a dangerous deep ball, but he does not have the same touch on those.  He overthrows.  Boy, that's tough, because Titus had his guy beaten like a wet noodle.

That was an obvious personal foul on Jerry Hughes.  He was offsides, but he also shoved Kellen Moore down after the whistle.  Oh, on the punt, another personal foul on TCU.  They might be a little too jacked up on Mountain Dew.  The refs got that one right, but they now owe us a makeup call on the first one.

On Dalton's first run, our linebacker sucked in too far.  Why?  That side was clogged up.  He almost got him, but not quite.  We cannot do that. 

BRANDON THOMPSON TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!  There was a lot of movement on defense on that play.  It kinda reminds Zagco, a bit, of that funky defense Utah State played against us, except not quite that funky.  Hehehe.  Presently, Zagco forgives Brandon Thompson for any and all mistakes he's ever made in his life.  Maybe our game plan was to turn TCU's offense into their defense!!!!!  Yessssssssssssssss!

We love you Brandon!

Dalton looks mad on the sidelines.  Zagco doesn't mind some anger and stuff, but he does not care for demonstrative yelling at coaches.  Plus, it seems like he's throwing to guys that have like 3 defenders near them!  SWEET BATDOWN BY FRIGHT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  With stickum, that's a pick!  Hehehe.

The commentators are going ON AND ON about "nerves" being a problem for TCU. 

That was NOT a block in the back by Jeron Johnson.  What a joke.  The refs are screwing us.  GAWD ZAGCO HATES REFS THAT SCREW US!!!!!!!!!!  We are now owed TWO makeup calls.

Fly sweep to Titus!  GET THE BALL TO TITUS!  He's a game changer.  Nice move by Avery.  Good hips, as they say! 

Another overthrow to Titus.  Crap.  Zagco doesn't get that.

Well, another screw job by the refs.  Shoemaker was clearly held.  Three makeup calls should be coming shortly.

TITUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Kellen looked like Dan Marino on speed running around back there!

Mitch Burroughs!  Nice route.  The Meridian Warrior comes thru!

Oh boy.  A field goal attempt from the left hash mark.  Uh…..  No good.  Like clockwork.  He cannot hit field goals from the left.  Stick a fork in that plan.  From that distance and angle, you might as well kick it up to the press box.  Zagco hopes we get this fixed next year.  To drive down like that and come away without anything is just deflating. 

NICE SACK BY FRIGHT NIGHT!  Kyle Wilson, baby!!!  Dalton is down.  Damn.  TCU was clearly not expecting that.  Blitz your lock down corner!  Dalton looks okay.  Maybe he's not so mad anymore.

We run an option.  Hehehe.  Yeh, whatever.

Gosh, 20 seconds left in the first quarter and there hasn't been any trick plays!  Weird.  Zagco wonders what the nation thinks of that??!!  You know we got ‘em.  Oh, we got ‘em.  Tons of ‘em.  Waiting….

7-0 Broncos after 1.  Very disappointing that Brotzman missed that kick.  But, as a fan, it is not a surprise.  It was all the way over to the left, and he simply cannot make those kicks.  Zagco is tired of pussyfooting around on this issue—he can't make them.



Wow.  Another penalty on TCU.  That's 5, and they owe us 3 more.  NICE TACKLE on that quick out.  ANOTHER nice tackle.  Solid defense by us so far.  We still haven't taken off our proverbial one or two series' per game.  And the throw into traffic is dropped! 

They were going to call ANOTHER block in the back on our punt return, another BS call.  This time, they conference and save themselves from further damnation.  Zagco is going to curse this crew in church.  Can you curse people in church?  Zagco will find out next week.  These refs are evil, beadie-eyed creatures.

Hey, Zagco sees Titus Young's belly button!  Doug Martin up the gut.  He runs like a brick with legs.  We need to go up top.  Try it again!    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not quite up top, and the flag is on TCU for once again jumping offsides.  Jerry Hughes has ants in his pants.  Titus nearly broke free.  Boy, we are seeing a whole lot of Titus Young, which is exactly what Zagco predicted.

Jerry Hughes clearly anticipates snaps, and he plays right on the edge on that way. 

DO NOT KICK!  Gawd.  Timeout.

Anyhoo, Jerry Hughes.  We must be playing with the snap count to get those offsides calls on him.  That's got to be a big part of our game plan.  He is flat out fast, but he also guesses, usually right, but he commits enough to occasionally catch him.

AUSTIN PETTIS!  Yessss.  Nice catch for a gimpy dude.  Key 4th down.  That wildcat formation is another throw-away, unless we got something for later.  We do it now and then, but whatever.  Weird calls in the red zone.  AGAIN.

Moore like never underthrows.  He overthrows, and he's missed a fair number today.  Oh gawd, a field goal.  Made it, from the right hash mark.  Nice.  Maybe Brotzman should try kicking from the left upside down or something.  Has he considered hypnosis before games?  Maybe an eye patch over his left eye.

Wow.  Nice job busting up that wedge on the kickoff return.  Whoever that was just BLEW UP one or two guys and caused the whole thing to shake apart.  WOW!  HUMAN MISSLE!!!!

Bad snap!!!  AND IT'S NOT OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

On defense tonight, we are seeing some very good tackling by the Broncos tonight.  VERY good.

Gawd, this TCU punter is like Ray Guy with Silly Putty!  What the heck?!?!  Straight to the moon!


Last year, we got the ball near our goal line before half, and Harsin called the three weirdest plays ever, leading to a three-and-out, punt, field position, and a TCU score before halftime.  The calls were so weird that Zagco thought we were actually in the red zone.  So far, on the first two calls, Zagco cannot complain.  NICE!  Potter!  Sweet.  That's good play calling right there!  Good job Harsin!

INTERFERENCE!  Yes!!!!!  They made up one of the three calls they owe us.  Justice is done.  Quit yer whining TCU fans.  We got screwed THREE times by those refs.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Poor punt gives TCU decent field position.  Winterswyk is getting Jerry Hughesed.  Two offsides.  Hmmm.  He might be guessing too.  TCU's punting game has been great, and this field position really is a victory for that aspect of their performance tonight.

TOUCHDOWN HORNED FROGS!  Thompson just got beat on that one.  Not super bad, but bad enough.  Then the facemask.  Not that it matters much, but it would be nice to see Titus do a regular kickoff return. 

Zagco would not say we've played poorly, but we have had trouble, once again, in the red zone, and our kicker missed 3 points.  We should have more than 10 points at this juncture.  We leave points on the field, even in blowout wins.  We do that.  In the red zone, Zagco still is somewhat uncomfortable with our play calling.  Can't really explain it, except to say it just often appears weird.

Oh dumb.  Titus!  Come on.  That was silly.  They are too close to do that.  It probably doesn't matter much, but that was just silly.  If TCU had 3 timeouts, they might have used them.  As it is, no harm.

Broncos 10-7.


Some thoughts at halftime:

1.       Play calling in the red zone.  What is this?  Can we just call our normal offense, especially if it's out between the 10 and 20, where there is enough room for passing routes.

2.       The deep routes are open, but Kellen is overthrowing them.  We need to go deep more.  We've just got to nail one of those.  They are open.  TCU's starting safety is out.

3.       Zagco does not get the impression that we tired at all on defense.  It will be interesting to watch that develop, because last year with 4 defensive linemen out for the TCU game, we were pooped and sloppy up front.

4.       The defense looked very good.  In the first quarter or so, they seemed to be moving around a lot more.  Later on, it seemed like we were a bit more conventional. 

5.       You really wonder about whether Kyle Wilson will come out on offense.  TCU cannot cover Titus Young deep, so having two burners running deep routes would be sort of cool.  Might work!

6.       No single person on TCU has really stepped up much on offense.  They can move the ball, but they still seem a bit flummoxed.  This time last year, at halftime, Zagco was growing very concerned, because it was clear that their running game was a big problem.  This year, it's not that bad.  Zagco expects them to try much harder to get it going.  It's what they do!

7.       We simply CANNOT set up a field goal to the left side.  CANNOT DO IT.  Sad, but true.  If we are in that area of the field, we need to consider this problem with our play calling, which is a real dilemma for us.

8.       Trick plays?  Zagco really does not think they will matter, but you never know.  He assumes we will have a couple, and if we get into real trouble, we probably have several trick or misdirection plays.  However, in this kind of game, against that kind of defense, Zagco does not really count on those plays.  We need to hit the deep ball.

9.       Zagco expects a turnover will play a major role in the second half.

10.   They are playing the folk music commercial for Boise State right now.  OMG!  THAT IS THE WORST COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!  Zagco wants to puke!  It makes him feel hairy and greasy and super skinny with a pot belly.  MEMO TO BOISE STATE:  Get a clue!!!!!!!!!



Three and out for us.  Three runs.  Not bad, but not real good.  The two Avery runs took too long to develop by design.  The fly sweep to Martin off the Wildcat was fast and it worked.  Oddly, TCU takes a time out before our punt.  They've seen our fake punt on film, so maybe they saw something in our personnel.  Zagco was watching them on our last punt, and they had a guy in the middle that stayed there, so they have been protecting against it.  Whatever it is, taking a timeout this early is not a good thing.  Reminds Zagco of Chris Ault, except Patterson isn't whining on the sidelines.

TCU just is not running real great against us.  Reminds Zagco of Oregon a bit.  And Nevada, except Nevada always breaks one or two big ones, even if it means pulling our linemen's facemasks and getting away with it.  Nice third down conversion for TCU.  Venable was in coverage on Kerley, which is probably not a great matchup for us.

Another pass to Venable's guy.  Those are tough matchups for us.  Venable is basically a linebacker.  Zagco wonders if they are doing that by design.  We might have to react to it.  Hey, those are the kind of passes Venable can handle—the ones where he can run up and hit them!  Sweet.  Zagco still thinks TCU is flummoxed.  We're bamboozling them!!!!!!!!

The announcers are right, our offensive line is playing pretty dang good.  Zagco is noticing it more and more, and this coming from a guy who has been very critical of it for 3 years running.  They are improving, and they can get push up front.

Did Byron Hout just come in on offense to block?  Wow.  He was a GREAT tackle in high school.  GREAT.  His high school coach called him the best offensive linemen he had, and that included Oregon's Carson York. 

Fumble!  What?!?  Hmmm.  On top of a player.  Yep.  That's a fumble.  Was that a facemask on him by the guy who flew over the top ripping at the ball?  Maybe a graze.


Our offense is stopping itself, again.  This time, not dumb mistakes, but still…..  TCU's defense does not need our assistance.

We need to get the field position issue corrected.  It's not been real great for us.  It's nipping away at our defense.

Boy, two nice moves by TCU receivers on two straight plays.  They are going to the sides a lot and getting YAC.  That is working for them.

Nice stop by the Broncos in the red zone.  Now a field goal.  It's from the left, but that probably doesn't matter for TCU….

Right down the middle!  We should call him in the offseason and finds out how he does it!!!

Tied up now.  Our offense needs to make plays.  So far, it's moved the ball, but then pussyfooted around.  We need a hammer on offense!  No such luck yet.

Billy Winn bats down the pass!  What penetration on that play!  Wow.  There is just nothing near the line for TCU's running game.

Dang.  That was close to a pick by Acrey.  They still owe us two, but they won't give us this one.  Nope.

We have somewhat improved the field position battle, but both teams are playing it pretty close on that issue.  Slight momentum for us at this point.

Man, did Kellen Moore study scrambling this past month or what?  Hehehe.  Nice toss to Avery for the first down.

GAME TIED 10-10.



As this quarter starts, Zagco still thinks the same things.  TCU is flummoxed, but our offense is screwing itself.

Is it Zagco, or does it seem like we are always playing offense on the field logo?

NICE PUNT!  Penalty on TCU.  The refs still suck rotten eggs, but they don't seem to be eyeballing us with their beadie little eyes anymore.  They still owe us two, though.  Zagco demands TWO CRAPPY CALLS on TCU!!!!!! 

Damn Jimmy Young!  Zagco hasn't seen him since the Ali fight.  Boy, TCU goes wide right and wide left a lot on passes.  Another tipped ball!  But, this one was almost caught by that other dude.  Whew! 

INTERCEPTION!  BRANDON THOMPSON!!!!  Sweet.  What a duck for a throw.

We're still playing a field position game.  The nagging problem remains for Zagco, about our field goal ability.  We need 7.  The offense has got to go UP TOP!

We're dinking and dunking like TCU.  Zagco does not care for those deep handoffs.  He prefers running plays that happen really fast, like fly sweeps  or just something where the back gets the ball right away.  Pass batted down!  Damn.  Zagco would say our offense is flummoxed too.  It is a complete mystery to Zagco, however, why we have not gone UP TOP.

FAKE PUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHHEheheHE!  Too cool.  They KNEW it was coming.  Geez.  Brotzman might be a decent quarterback.

Kyle Efaw!  What a dude.  That guy was a real hidden gem, thanks to his injury in his senior year of high school.  Freak athlete.  He dropped off some radars that year, but one of his coaches was adamant back then that he was going to a Pac-10 school. 

Two yard line!  Bring in Bacon!  Hell, bring in Hout!

DOUG MARTIN!  That was as nice a leap as any Zagco's seen by us since Brock Forsey was doing gymnastics into the end zone.  THAT WAS WHAT WE NEEDED!

Well, at this point, Zagco would say turnovers have been huge, for both teams.  No knockout punch yet though.  And, a trick play obviously played a HUGE role.  Zagco swears they were aligned to defend that play.  Yet, the guy in the middle appeared to not even see Efaw go thru and by him. 

Honestly, Zagco has no clue what the numbers are, but TCU's fans do not seem anywhere NEAR as loud.  Are they smaller in number?  Are they just not loud in general?  Were they expecting a blowout from the git-go and became tense and quiet????  Let's talk!

They are REALLY focusing on Jimmy Young.  He's their butter right now.  You can see it happening.  And Zagco has no doubt our defense and Wilcox see it as well.

Zagco would like to nominate TCU's punter for the GREATEST PUNTER IN HISTORY!

You know what?  Why not run that statue of liberty play?  It's a pretty safe play.  But, Zagco will keep saying that going UP TOP is something that we need to do again.  That last deep attempt was a throw-away.  Nothing there.  Wonder if he got bumped?

Bad punt.  Man, if you are going to do those punts, you really need to kick away or kick it up more.  You can't toss him a bullet.  Brotzman plays WAY too big a role in these games.  He does good things, and then he does really bad things.  It's like it's about him or something!!!!!!!1

SACK!  Great penetration, and then Tevis just blows him up.  4th down.  Billy Winn is down.  That sucks.  He moved fast when the camera showed him down, but they made him go back down.  Might have got the wind knocked out of him.  He'd be missed, because he has been pushing his guy back a lot! 

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jimmy Young got knocked down like a clay pigeon!  Great coverage.

Well, it would be nice to get a couple first downs, but we really need to run time.  Nice job Kirby!  Little brother did it!  It was probably the wrong route too!!!!

Nice throwaway by Kellen on 3rd down.  He must have felt that pressure coming.  Such a smart quarterback!  How many sacks does TCU have?  Uh, NONE! 

FRIGHT NIGHT!  That is HUGE!!!!  Did you see that?!?!  OMG!!!!! 


Well, it will be nothing but throwin'.  They have time to go to the middle, for first downs. 

Gavins?  Interference?  What?!?  Hmm.  Have to see that again.  Zagco didn't see it.  That might be another SCREW JOB.

Wilcox has a dilemma.  We have good coverage, but we are not sending many at Dalton.

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  INTERCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take that Mountain West Conference!  Take that and stick it in your pipe and smoke it!  Hehehehe.  Boise State is undeniably the GREATEST non-BCS team in the history of the BCS!  YES!


All the pre-game jabbering from talking heads about the offenses was silly.  TCU is number 1 and we are number 15 in the nation in defense.  Anyone who's watched us play this year knows our defense is very good, and Zagco would guess about half the dang yardage we gave up came on isolated big plays.  If we limit big plays, we are TCU-like on defense.  Ask Oregon, one of the top offenses in the country.  Did the experts pause long enough to look at the defensive numbers for both teams?  Morons.

Like Zagco said last year, we would have shut them down in the Poinsettia Bowl too if we'd not lost half our defensive line.  We have them by their nads.  Like Oregon.  Same stuff.  We don't cotton to that kind of offense.  We just shut them down.

In this game, Boise State's defense BAMBOOZLED TCU!  We shut them down like a government office at 5 o'clock!

Now, Zagco is going to pop in the Forty Year Old Virgin!  Ciao!

Gentry Motors, Proud Boise State and BroncoCountry Supporter

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