A funny thing happened on the way to the top 25...

For crying out loud will you stop it??? Crimeny, the ink isn't even dry on Hawk's contract extension!<br><br> Every time some school in the Division 1 college ranks loses their head football coach, all too many of our "faithful" Bronco compatriots are ready to sell Coach Dan Hawkins up the road to some other school. As soon as there is a head coaching vacancy, there starts up a conspiracy to send Hawk to that spot and to start wondering who will be his replacement.

Yes, we Broncos have become accustomed to seeing a new corps of coaches here every couple of years, so we may have adopted a fatalistic attitude towards a changing of the guards. But we need to be very cautious that our behavior doesn't pre-destine a coaching rollover. Lets not cause the inevitable to come to fruition prematurely. I want no part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hawk has stated that he wants to be in Boise until his children are out of high school—by my count, this gives us at least another 4 more years. He has stated that as long as the community stands behind the football program, financially and otherwise, he will be here for the immediate future. Hawk just extended his contract by five years, indicating that he's committed to being a Bronco for that time frame at least. Hawk's wife is searching for property to build a house on. All of these are clues to Hawk's commitment to Boise and Boise State University.

Hawk is no Neuheisel or Franchione. To assume that Hawk will walk away from Boise State for a few extra dollars, despite what he said last week, is unfair to him. It's obvious to the casual observer that Hawk is not cut from the same cloth as most of the other college football head coaches. He's already made it clear to us fans that he's not chasing the almighty dollar, he places his family high above money. He admits that he's been called a fool for turning down financial security for his family, just this year! He's here because he believes in something different, he has proven that to us over the past two years. He believes in the young men he brings in to the fold. He believes in the potential that the kids he recruits will someday become responsible and productive men in society. He believes in being responsible for your actions and accepting the consequences that come from those actions. He believes in character and doing what is right. He believes in honesty and integrity. He believes that all football players are students first. He believes in Boise and the fans that support his team.

There is no doubt that Hawk would like someday to coach in South Bend for the Fighting Irish. And there is nothing to begrudge Hawk for desiring this, as it would be the apex of a grand career. However, there is a very fine coach at Notre Dame right now and he will likely be there for a few years. We shouldn't be in any hurry to ship Hawk anywhere right now. Notre Dame won't call in the immediate future. If and when it does, we should Thank him heartily for all he has done for Boise State, and Congratulate him sincerely for reaching his goals.

Frequently, the local media take the pulse from our message boards for leads into stories. If they sense some fear or negativity, they jump on it and make a story out of something that exists only in our own minds. By showing our own doubts, we create doubts in the minds of others. Including Dan Hawkins. Do we want Hawk to doubt our support and sincerity?

Hawk is the master philosopher, the master tactician, the master recruiter, the master mentor. Oh, and he wins games too. Quit sending him up the river just because some other head coach wants more money.

No more Doomsday! No more predicting Hawk will leave for greener pastures just because somewhere on the planet there is a coaching vacancy. Resist the temptation to calculate who the next Bronco head coach will be. Do we want him to leave right now because we expect him to leave Boise someday?

**Editor's note - This article's author did not ask to have his name hidden, it was done because this could have come from any number of fans who support Dan Hawkins and the Broncos. Criticizing, dismissing, or questioning the character of any person, without knowing the full details of their situation, is to severely jump the gun, and in this instance, is (in my, [Rafter17's] opinion) a slap in the face to every person who has donated their time, money, or interests to this team and its coaches. This is, however, still a free country.
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