Fiesta Bowl Dividends: Recruits React To Win

The Boise State Broncos completed yet another perfect season with an unbelievable victory over the TCU Horned Frogs in the Fiesta Bowl. The Broncos finished the season 14-0 and ranked at #4 with the win and now they will hope to continue that success in 2010. spoke with the current verbal commitments and a few recruits considering Boise State to get their thoughts on the victory.

Currently Committed To Boise State:
Troy Ware - "Me and my family watched the Fiesta Bowl. The defense played a lot better than I thought they would. I thought Kellen (Moore) and Titus (Young) had a real good game."
Bryan Douglas - "My gosh, the defense had TCU so confused because they were moving so much. They kept shifting to a whole new formation and set. The D-line kept putting pressure on them and our LBs were covering ground. Our DBs were just ball hawks out there."
Tyler Horn - "I thought it was awesome. You can't ask for anything better than beating TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. The defense was great and they are coached so well. I'm excited to play for Coach (Justin) Wilcox. I'll learn a lot."
Matt Miller - "It was a big win in terms of exposure. It shows that both teams can play in a BCS Game. I think it would have been a lot cooler had they been able to play a bigger team. They really could have showed them what they could do."
Tyrone Crawford - "I'm proud of Boise State, Coach Pete, and Coach K (Kwiatkowski). I got a chance to watch them practice and they play hard. I'm real proud of Boise State and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm not sure where they'll place next year, but more people will have respect for Boise State."
Grant Hedrick - "I missed the game because we had an away basketball game, but I have it on the DVR so I got to see it. I was pretty impressed with the defense and TCU's defense. Overall, it was just a good football game. It's huge for the program. There was a lot of talk that TCU should have been playing for the title. I think the Broncos should have been in the top three in the final poll."
Kyle Sosnowski - "It's a big win. They are still trying to earn people's respect because people overlook them due to the schedule. They should get more respect now that they have won these two Fiesta Bowls. We'll try to prove ourselves again next season."
Recruits Considering Boise State:
Jeremy Ioane - "That's something I'd definitely like to be a part of because it was a great victory. It shows that the coaches know their stuff and what they are doing. That's great and to continue to do it means they are obviously doing something good."
(2011) Cody Kessler - "It's exciting to have back-to-back undefeated seasons. People were questioning them and they beat a real tough TCU team. They deserve it. It was a great game. I thought the fake punt was awesome. That was gutsy and big-time."

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