Signing Day With The Bronco Recruits

Boise State signed a total of ten new recruits in the 2010 recruiting class. The class might be low in quantity, but it's certainly high in quality as all one has to do is take a look at the individual accolades achieved by each new Bronco. spoke to a handful of the new Broncos and got their thoughts on their Signing Day experience.

The Boise State coaches are perhaps the best in the country when it comes to identifying talent. The Bronco staff works tirelessly during the off-season identifying those recruits that they believe will fit the 'team concept' of the football program in Boise. Boise State signed a total of ten new recruits in the 2010 recruiting class and Bronco fans have to be excited about the talent heading to The Blue later this year.

Holden Huff (TE) (Rocklin, CA) - "I signed in our college and career center at around 12:10 pm. Basically, all our friends and the administration were there when we signed. Me and one other guy on my team were the only ones signing so after we signed we shook hands with everyone. We took a lot of pictures. It really feels great to be a Bronco. I can't wait to play football for them."

Tyrone Crawford (DE) (Windsor, ON) - "I signed at 7:03 am. I just woke up that morning, signed the paper, and faxed it to my mom so she could sign it. I went to school after that and did an interview with Boise radio when I got home. We went out to dinner that night for a celebration. I'm just happy and I'm ready to work hard this off-season and play for the Big Blue."

Kyle Sosnowski (ATH) (Boise, ID) - "I signed at around 7:15 am and then did another signing at school at around noon. It was a real exciting time since I knew the recruiting process was over. It's awesome being a Bronco. I've already gotten lots of phone calls and messages congratulating me on my signing."

Tyler Horn (DE) (Meridian, ID) - "Basically, I signed before I got to school and faxed it at around 7:45 am. I did another signing in front of the gym later that day. It hasn't really settled in yet that I'm officially a Bronco."

Bryan Douglas (CB) (Harbor City, CA) - "It's an unbelievable feeling. Signing Day has been in my head since I committed. It was just unreal when I woke up this morning. It felt like the world just lifted from me when I put down the pen this morning. We had a little ceremony in the gym and ESPN and KCAL 9 came to our school to watch Sean (Parker) pick his team. I was smiling the whole time and it just felt so good. Right now, I'd just like to dedicate my whole senior season and my scholarship to my fallen teammate, Dannie Ferber. I'd also like to dedicate it to Charvette Johnson as well."
NOTE: Dannie Ferber was shot and killed in 2008. Charvette Johnson is the mother of a teammate that recently passed.

Troy Ware (WR) (Vista, CA) - "I signed at around 9:30 this morning in the office at school. Some news crews and news people came as well. It felt real good and I'm much more relaxed now. I had an interview with one of the Bronco stations today. They called and asked me a few questions. It just feels real good."

Matt Miller (ATH) (Helena, MT) - "We signed it at my house this morning at around 8 am and my mom faxed it as an email to the coaches. It was real low key and I went out to dinner with my mom and brother that night. It was just a pretty normal day. I'm not a big scene kind of guy."

Grant Hedrick (QB) (Independence, OR) - "It was a big day. I was excited to make it official even though I've been committed since June. We faxed it at like 7:01 am and had a little ceremony in the gym at school. It's a pretty big relief and it motivates me to keep working hard. It's real exciting to know I'm officially going there."

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