How do the Bronco's facilities measure up?

In light of Coach Hawkins crusade for upgraded facilities, the BroncoCountry staff decided to do some digging to see how the Broncos measure up against the WAC, and other teams of regional interest. This week it's Weightrooms, next week it will be SportsMedicine/Training Facilities, then Football Facilities, & finally, Basketball Facilities.

The saying is that Championships are built in the off-season, so lets start off with how the Broncos are getting it done when it matters....

Comparing Weight Rooms

Boise State

Boise State's weightroom was built in 1988, but will be remodeled this summer (2003). As of right now, the weight room is 7500 square feet, but speculation has the new weightroom being expanded to over 10,000 square feet. Along with the expansion and remodeling will come new equipment & lifting stations, weights, and additional staff.  However, as of right now, the weight room is staffed by only 1 fulltime strength coach, Jeff Pittman, and 2 Part-time asst's, of which only 1 position is currently filled by former Bronco DE Andy Bennett.

  • Boise State's current weight equipment has an estimated  value of $50,000.

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Fresno State

Fresno State's weight room, at 12,500 square feet, is able to accommodate more than 100 student-athletes at a time, the Fresno State strength and conditioning center features the following:

  • 26 tons of custom steel weights
  • Eight Olympic lifting platforms
  • A 40-yard plyometric track (including an electronic timing system)
  • Several pieces of Kaiser pneumatic equipment used for high speed power training
  • FSU's current equipment has an estimated  value of $600,000.

The weight room is staffed by 3 fulltime strength coaches and 2 Part-time coaches.


Hawaii The Hawaii weight, built in 1994, room has 10,000 square-feet of space and a staff of 2 fulltime Strength Coaches and 2 GA's.  It has more than $300,000 worth of high-tech strength and conditioning equipment.  It has 23,000 pounds of free weights from YORK Barbell molded with custom UH logos, $20,000 worth of ELEIKO bumper plates used in the Olympic games.  It has 21 HAMMER STRENGTH machines, BEAR machines for squatting and jumping training plus TECTRIX cycles and CYCLE PLUC recumbent cycles.


La Tech The Karl Malone Weight room is 4200 square feet.  LaTech has 1 Full-time strength coach, and 3 part-time strength Coaches.  .
Nevada The Nevada weight room, located as part of the Cashell Field House complex, has 6,000 square feet of workout space and 100,000 pounds of equipment, 80,000 in free weights and 20,000 in dumbbells. Their estimated current value of equipement and weights is $60,000.  Nevada's weight training facility features sport specific training emphasizing speed, strength, agility, and injury prevention. There are 24 workout stations -- eight Olympic lifting platforms, eight squat racks, and eight bench press stations.  Nevada employs a full-time strength coach, 2 Asst.'s, and and 2 GA's.
Rice Rice's John L. Cox Fitness Center, was completed in December, 1995.  It is a 8,000-square-foot facility, utilized by all Rice athletes as well as other members of the Rice community.  Rice employs 3 full-time Varsity Strength Coaches, and 1 part-time coach.  Their estimated current value of equipment is $50,000.



San Jose State San Jose State's Simpkins Stadium Center has a 10,000 square-foot weight room with over $100,000 of equipment. The weight room features Body Master equipment with power racks, platforms, benches, rubber-coated dumbbells, rubber-coated iron plates, bumper plates and over 25 pieces of machine equipment.   San Jose State employs 2 fulltime strength coaches, and 2 GA's.




SMU's Vic and Gladie Jo Salvino Strength and Condition Center opened in August of 2000.  The 10,000 sq. ft. training facility includes 1500 sq. ft. of drill space to go along with 14 Olympic platforms with elite Olympic bumper plates.

21 self-contained free weight stations are complemented by over 13,000 total pounds of equipment.

SMU currently employs 2 full-time strength coaches, and 2 GA's.  Their estimated value of equipement is $1,000,000.


Tulsa Tulsa's 6,000-square foot strength and conditioning center is equipped with strength-building and cardiovascular training equipment.

The strength and conditioning center and serves over 300 student-athletes. The center consists strength-building equipment including free weights, Hurricane racks, power racks, Olympic lifting platforms and numerous auxiliary machines.

The Tulsa strength center is staffed by 3 Strength Coaches, and can  design weight-training programs that are sport-specific. A computer system allows the strength and conditioning staff to monitor each student-athletes' diet and training program.



UTEP's brand-new Larry K. Durham Sports Center began construction on the UTEP campus on Jan. 2001, and the grand opening was spring of 2002.

The $11 million, 60,000-square foot building features a 10,000-square foot strength and conditioning center, a student-athlete lounge/computer center, a football locker room, coaches' offices, a separate kinesiology laboratory, a multi-purpose meeting center, a "Hall of Champions."

UTEP employs 2 full-time strength coaches and 2 GA's.  Their current estimated value of equipment is over $300,000.





Other Facilities of Interest


wyoweight wyoweight1

8,633 square foot strength and conditioning area, including free-weights, and an indoor 40 for speed drills during the winter.

Washington State






Washington State's varsity center is 14,000 square feet and is comprised of two floors.  The  main floor consists of 8 Olympic lifting platforms, 8 Wynmor power racks, 12 Wynmor bench stations,  a comprehensive line of Cybex equipment, some Hammer Strength equipment, two  dumbbell racks (one up to 150 lbs), and various other Wynmor equipment.   Flooring was provided by Mondo Sport  and Commercial Flooring. The plyometric area, which is about 2000 square  feet, is complete with custom plyometric floor, medicine balls, hurdles,  cones, jump boxes, and other equipment.

The second floor (mezzanine level) overlooks the main floor and includes Keiser air machines  as well as Versaclimbers, Tectrix stationary  and recumbent bikes, Precor EFX 544  Elliptical Crosstrainers, Tectrix stairsteppers, Trotter treadmills, Schwinn Airdyne Pro stationary bikes,  and Concept II Indoor Rowers.

University of Washington

The University of Washington Weight Room spans more than 10,000 square feet, the weight room provides a primary training environment for 650+ Husky student-athletes. Each athlete has his or her own individualized program to help enhance their athletic performance - programs focus on strength, speed, flexibility, and power. To achieve fitness goals, student-athletes make use of the vast array of free weights, plyometric equipment, machines, dumbbells, and cardiovascular equipment on site.

University of Oregon

Casanova Center - Now in its seventh year of use, Oregon's $12 million athletic complex houses all the athletic department administrative, coaching and support staffs. The 102,000-square foot center includes a wrestling room along with a separate wrestling locker room. A 12,000 square foot weight room accompanies the facilities, along with the football locker room and equipment room on the ground floor. Departmental staff offices are located on the second floor.

Oregon State

The weight room is 6,000 square feet and overlooks Reser Stadium's playing field

Ariona State

Arizona State's 16,000-sq. foot weight room at the Lawrence Strength and Conditioning Center. 


University of Idaho

With the completion of the VAC, (Vandal Athletic Center), the new weight room will increase in size by over 4000 square feet. The new 7000 square foot facility will include plyometric and speed stations as well as new Powerlift equipment including platforms, squat racks, free-weights and benches.
Vandal fans, this is obviously a parody.  When you don't have pic's of your facilities online you leave us with no choice but to improvise.  :)

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