"Patch him up..."

"Patch him up".. "PATCH HIM UP!!". (Norman Dale, head coach of the fictional Hickory Huskers in the movie, "Hoosiers")These words may come from a certain (shameless plug) GREAT movie, but they could just as easily be heard on the sidelines of nearly every athletics event in the NCAA.

Part 2 of our examination into how Bronco facilities compare to the other WAC/Western Schools delves into the Sports Medicine facilities of each school.

March is officially 'Sports Medicine & Trainer's Month'. So what better time to look at the Bronco Sports Medicine facilities.

Remember when the speculation was that RD would try for a medical red-shirt because he was lost for the season with that broken ankle?... Somebody forgot to tell Gary Craner and his band of miracle workers.  But, even with all their talent and knowledge, the Bronco trainers are dependant on the tools of the trade to give them the edge needed.

So, how do the Broncos measure up?  We tried to find information like # of staff and square feet of facilities, as well as include photos for all schools in the WAC.  Here's what we could find.**

Boise State

Bronco athletes are under the direction of head trainer Gary Craner and associate trainer Tammy Pascoe. Training Rooms are located in the Varsity Center, Pavilion, Boas Tennis Center, and the ISMI.  The number of staff and square footage of the facilities are unknown.

Fresno State

Training facility at Fresno State Training facility at Fresno State
The training facility at Fresno State The training facility at Fresno State

Fresno State has six certified trainers and 19 student trainers. The Fresno State campus has two athletics training facilities -- one in the North Gym and one in the Duncan Athletics Building.  The Duncan Athletic Training Room is located at the southeast corner of Bulldog Stadium. 


The Makai training room houses the football, swimming and diving, water polo and cheerleading programs. The Mauka training room serves the cross country, golf, sailing, soccer, softball, tennis, and track and field programs. There is also a training facility each at Les Murakami Stadium, which serves the needs of the baseball team, and the Stan Sheriff Center, which handles the men's and women's volleyball and basketball teams. In addition, the athletic training staff sets up a temporary facility at Aloha Stadium for home football games.  Each facility is equipped with Isokinetic and cardiovascular machines, electrical modalities and X-ray units are also available. In addition, weights, total gym, and whirlpools aid in the complete rehabilitation of the student-athlete.  There is a staff of 4 fulltime trainers, a fluxuating # of GA's and up to 20 student trainers.


No Picture Available

Aillet Field House hosts the football locker rooms, training room, coaches offices, and the Karl Malone Weightroom


The $3m Reno Orthopaedic Clinic Sports Medicine Complex opened July 1, 1993.  While not officially associated with the University of Nevada Reno, the facility has 2 Fulltime Trainers, GA's, and numerous student trainers.



Rice has facilities adjacent to the expanded football locker rooms and strength training facilities in Rice Stadium. They also have athletic training facilities at Autry Court for other Rice sports - volleyball, soccer, swimming, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track and field, and men's and women's basketball. Rice has a full-time staff of 5 trainers.
(Most Bronco fans will attest to the quality of Rice's facilities.  Their high quality of both staff and facilities were key to keeping Tony Altieri on the team.. Big Thanks goes out to Rice for that one!)

San Jose State


The Koret Athletic Training Center houses a 1,000-square foot rehabilitation and training room that services physical therapy and sports specific rehabilitation. The new facility has a sports medicine staff of eight athletic trainers, , specialists and physical therapists.  There are also numerous GA's and student trainers on staff to serve each sport.


The SMU athletic training program is located inside of Gerald J. Ford Stadium.  Head Trainer Cash Birdwell is assisted in the sports medicine area by full-time, certified trainers Jeanne Olson, Marianne Aston Scott Kelly, and Mike Morton, as well as 20 student athletic trainers.


tulsatrain1 tulsasportsmed

The Reynolds Center at Tulsa houses a 5,300-square foot sports medicine center.  Tulsa's sports medicine department is under the direction of Head Athletic Trainer Dave Polanski and Sydney Ringer, director of sports medicine services.  The staff includes full-time athletic trainers and numerous student athletic trainers to lend support to the sports medicine staff.


The training facility at UTEP The training facility at UTEP
The training facility at UTEP The training facility at UTEP

The El Paso Orthopedic Surgery Group Sports Medicine Center features a taping area capable of accommodating over 20 athletes simultaneously, a treatment/evaluation area with fifteen exam tables and electrical and ultrasound modalities, a hydrotherapy area with 10 person hot and cold spas as well as four stainless steel whirlpools, several isokinetic rehabilitation and testing units, a physician examination room, a radiograph imaging and development room, office space, and a student area. The new facility is over three times larger than the previous facility housed within the Ross Moore Building.  UTEP employs 4 fulltime trainers, 3 GA's, and 27 student trainers.


Other Training Facilities of interest

Arizona State

Arizona State University Training facility

The $19.1 million renovation of the Nadine and Ed Carson Student-Athlete Center at ASU added three expanded stories to the front of Sun Devil Stadium on the ASU campus, housing the entire athletics department, administration, operations program and coaching staff. The center features a 16,000 square foot strength and conditioning facility, an academic center, sports medicine/rehabilitation area, hall of fame and theater.

Oregon State


OSU has 6 full-time trainers, 6 GA's, and numerous student trainers.  The Valley Football Center is located in the north end zone of Reser Stadium. The 4,500 square foot athletic training room houses the football, baseball and wrestling teams.  The training room is separated into the taping and treatment areas, doctor and staff offices, swim-ex room, hydro room, and the casting room.



The athletic training room is housed in the ASUI Kibbie Dome, home of the Idaho Vandals' athletic programs. The athletic training room has over 1900 sq. feet of space.  The Vandal Athletic Center has begun an expansion and upgrade of its facilities. During Phase III of the expansion, a new 4000 sq. ft. athletic training room will be constructed. Making a two-fold jump in size, the athletic training room will share the cardiovascular area with the strength staff. The new addition will also include an 8'x12' hydrotherapy training pool and cold plunge tank.


**Disclaimer**  All of this information was found by searching the official athletic websites of each of the respective schools.  The #'s of trainers, asst. trainers, and GA's were found, (in some instances), by counting the individuals in published reports from the schools themselves.  In some instances, direct information was solicited from School Representatives, but not all representatives replied. BroncoCountry.com does not imply by this article that the information is 100% current, accurate or correct, merely, that this was what was available to the general public. It should also be noted that how the Bronco facilities will be impacted by the coming facility upgrade to the Weight-room and Wrestling facilities is unknown.

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