Boise State 1 Home Win Away From #9 All-Time

If Boise State is fortunate enough to defeat Oregon State in it's 2010 home opener, the Broncos will tie Nebraska for #9 all-time and the second best 75-game home record in modern college football history.

Boise State is just one win away from moving into the top 10 of all-time for the best 75-game home record in college football history. 

The Broncos are 72-3 from the Weber State game of 1998 (their third year in Division I-A football) through the 2009 season.  They are tied for 14th with Alabama , which achieved their record from 1910 through 1933. 

Boise State just passed Florida , which achieved their record from 1989 through 2001, Miami of Florida (1984-1996) and Alabama 's run from 1903-1927.

Boise State is one of just ten schools since 1930 that have lost 5 or less home games out of 75.  Alabama tops modern schools with a 74-1 record from 1957-1982.  Nebraska 's best home record was 73-2; the Cornhuskers achieved that from 1991-2002.  Florida State is next of the modern schools with a mark of 72-2-1 (1987-1999).  Florida amd Miami of Florida are tied for sixth with 71-4 records.

Texas and Alabama are tied for eighth among teams from 1930-2009 with 70-5 records while Florida State was 69-5-1 from 1993-2005.  Army (68-6-1) from 1936-1950 and Oklahoma (66-7-2) from 1943-1959 are the other modern schools.  

Princeton , which put together an amazing streak of 75 straight wins from 1887-1900 is the all-time leader.  Michigan (1894-1904) and Princeton (1869-1893) are tied for second with sparkling 74-0-1 records.  Michigan was also 73-0-2 from 1893-1904 and from 1897-1907 and Yale is the other unbeaten team for 75 games with the same 73-0-2 record from 1886-1898.  

Obviously, during a tremendous run of winning home games, a school would be listed multiple times from one point in the streak to another with the same record.  This list shows only multiple entries that overlap no more than five years.  Further, in deciding when a school's streak begins when multiple records are attained, it is when the home record first started; the earliest date in which they compiled their record.   

If the Broncos are fortunate enough to keep winning, they could tie Nebraska for the second-best modern record and ninth all-time with one more home victory.  That would remove a 1998 loss and move their 75-game home record to 73-2.  The next step is a ways away.  Boise State would have to win 16 straight home games to tie Alabama at 74-1 for the best modern record in college football.  That would take the Broncos into 2012.

One might look at the list and wonder why USC, with one of the best records this decade, does not appear.  The Trojans have over 10 losses in any 75-game period.  USC was 53-10 mark from the Arizona State game of 1999 through the UCLA win last season (12 wins shy of qualifying) but then turned around and lost in the home finale to Arizona.   

Florida is another team that has been tremendously successful this decade.  But the Gators are 64-11 from the Auburn game of 1998 through last season.  Florida needs five more wins to remove a loss from its home-game 75-game record to achieve a mark of 65-10.

It should be noted that legendary Carlisle did not make this list because they didn't play 75 home games in their history.  The school which featured all-time athlete Jim Thorpe had a record of 65-3-3 from 1896-1917.  

Bold type indicates teams who compiled their streaks from 1930 to the present.

  The list only includes streaks in which no more than five years overlap.


1.      Princeton 75-0-0 (1887-Syracuse game of 1900)

2.  Michigan 74-0-1 (Albion game of 1894-1904)

 2.  Princeton 74-0-1 (1869-Lafayette game of 1893) 

 4.  Yale 73-0 2 (M.I.T. game of 1886-Chicago A.C. game of 1898) 

 5.  Alabama 74-1 (Southern Mississippi game of 1957-Cincinnati game of 1982)

 5.  Yale 74-1 (Bates game of 1900-Massachusetts game of 1908)

 5.  Pennsylvania 74-1 (Rutgers game of 1889-Virginia game of 1897)

 5.  Harvard 74-1 (Wesleyan game of 1887-Michigan game of 1895)  

 9.  Nebraska 73-2 (Washington game of 1991-Missouri game of 2002)

10.  Notre Dame 72-1-2 (1902-DePauw game of 1921)   

11.  Florida State 72-2-1 (Louisville game of 1987-1999)

11.  Army 72-2-1 (Bates game of 1922-Harvard game of 1935)

13.  Michigan 71-2-2 (Beloit game of 1898-Case game of 1910)

14.  Alabama 72-3 (1910-Mississippi State game of 1933)

14.  Boise State 72-3 (Weber State game of 1998-Nevada game of 2009)

16.  Notre Dame 70-2-3 (1899-1914)

16.  Michigan 70-3-2 (Cornell game of 1892-Ohio Northern game of 1904)

18.  Florida 71-4 (Louisiana Tech game of 1989-Florida State game of 2001)

18.  Miami of Florida 71-4 (Pittsburgh game of 1984-Pittsburgh game of 1996)

18.  Alabama 71-4 (1903- Rhodes game of 1927)

21.  Colgate 69-3-3 (Rochester game of 1912-Rutgers game of 1933)

22.  Alabama 70-5 (Houston game of 1963-LSU game of 1988)

22.  Texas 70-5 (Oklahoma State game of 1968-Utah game of 1982)  

24.  Florida State 69-5-1 (Georgia Tech game of 1993-Maryland game of 2005)

24. Princeton 69-5-1 1897-1906)  

26.  Oklahoma 69-6 (Texas A & M game of 1997-2009)

27.  Tennessee 67-5-3 (Maryville game of 1925-Virginia Tech game of 1937)

27.  Princeton 67-5-3 (Lafayette game of 1898-Syracuse game of 1908)

29.  Army 68-6-1 (Colgate game of 1936-1950)

30.  Colgate 66-5-4 (Brown game of 1919-Akron game of 1940)

31.  Tennessee 67-6-2 (Georgia game of 1925-Sewanee game of 1937)

32.  Florida 68-7 (1991-Tennessee game of 2003)

33.  Oklahoma 66-7-2 (Iowa State game of 1943-1959)

34.  Yale 63-6-6 (Army game of 1905-Washington & Jefferson game of 1914)

35.  Texas 67-8 (Colorado game of 1997-2009)

36.  Army 66-8-1 (1931-Brown game of 1943)

37.  Michigan 65-8-2 (Ohio Northern game of 1905-Michigan State game of 1919)

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