Gridiron Dreams

This is what makes it all worthwhile. Some of Boise State's most beloved former players are banding together to present Gridiron Dreams Football Academy, a youth football camp that is slated for July in Boise.

We are Bronco Nation. United we stand, together we fall, forever we bleed blue. 


The overwhelming amount of dedication and passion brought on by the local community is a familiar feeling so many former Broncos are able to enjoy as they return to the Treasure Valley time and time again. Of all the vast treasures the city has to offer, the real reason these former players and students consider Boise a lifelong home is simply because of the people.  "I love Boise . Its home to me.  Whenever I fly in, I always get a big smile on my face", says Derek Schouman, former Bronco star and current Buffalo Bills Tight End.  "Besides, Boise is a great place to live and play football", he adds. 


Being a part of Bronco Nation is something truly special, not only for the fans, but for the players as well.  They will always carry a sense of lifelong connections to the city, the fans, and the football program. Schouman says, "My four years at Boise State felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It was somewhat surreal now that I look back on it. I will forever be a Bronco."  Well, you know what they say, once a Bronco, always a Bronco. 


To return the love for Bronco Nation and give back to the local community, a star-studded group of former Boise State and current NFL players have aligned to conduct a youth football camp.  Respect, camaraderie, work ethic, desire, and humility are just a few beliefs instilled in the Gridiron Dreams Football Academy, which will be held July 17th and 18th at the Optimist Youth Sports Complex in Boise and will feature the likes of Quintin Mikell, Ryan Clady, Daryn Colledge, Korey Hall, Derek Schouman, Legadu Naanee, Gerald Alexander, Ian Johnson, Vinny Perretta, Taylor Tharp, Alex Guerrero, Jerard Rabb, and a few special guests. 


Camp co-founder and former Bronco Guerrero describes Gridiron Dreams Football Academy as an athlete for the athlete based camp.  "Other than our speed coach, we have no professional coaches at our event.  Our staff is filled with former Broncos and current NFL players. This camp is not only a learning experience derived from those who have achieved the highest level of their sport, but also an opportunity for kids to be able to experience and interact with the athletes they look up to, as well as following and achieving their GRIDIRON DREAM!"  


"Being a part of Gridiron Dreams is a good way to interact and give back to the community.  It's a great way to interact with the kids, share my knowledge and passion for football, and be a positive role model to the youth", says Schouman.  Alex Guerrero adds, "The reason why we come back is because a lot of us feel so fortunate to have made the decision to come to a University and community that has been so supportive.  This is just one of the ways we can repay the community for that". 


For all the young players out there looking to follow in the footsteps of their heroes and pursue their very own dreams, Schouman offers one final bit of advice by saying, "Don't be afraid to dream. Nothing comes easy, but through hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish many things." 


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