Broncos Land Big Man

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that Boise State has signed Isaac Oeltjen of Red Wing Minnesota. Oeltjen, a 7'1 big man, is a project with unknown potential because of a medical condition that wasn't diagnosed until after his High School career was completed..

Brian Murphy and Nick Jezierny of the Idaho Statesman are reporting that Boise State has signed Isaac Oeltjen to a financial aid agreement, (equivalent of a Letter of Intent for when the timeframe for a LOI has passed).

Oeltjen, a Minnesota native, has the size, and skill to dominate a high school basketball game, but unfortunately what he didn't have was the health.

Oeltjen, a 7'1 230lb center formerly of Red Wing High School, played tentative in High School but with a good reason. Oeltjen told the Rochester Post-Bulletin that he was in constant fear of his knee buckling when he played in high school. His kneecap dislocated at least 9 times during his injury shortened Junior and Senior seasons.

It wasn't until a visit to the Mayo Clinic that the problem was diagnosed. Oeltjen's knee bent in from the hip at an unusually sharp angle, putting undue pressure on his knee cap, causing it to dislocate easily. The good news was, there was a procedure to fix the problem, but it couldn't be performed until he had finished growing, which ended up being an impressive 7'1". The surgery was performed on December 2nd of last year.

Since then Oeltjen has progressed steadily and earlier this month he showcased his skills in a youtube video that made him into an instant hot commodity.

The Post-Bulletin reported that three Big Ten schools (Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern), had contacted Oeltjen after seeing his video, with Iowa going so far as to invite him to visit and meet with their coaches. Joining those three was the University of California Riverside, South Dakota, South Dakota State, Idaho State and many others.. but it was the Broncos that ultimately landed the potential ladened big man.

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