Where Are They Now? Thomas Schoeck

All-American tennis player Thomas Schoeck gave Boise State fans some of the greatest thrills ever at Appleton Tennis Center. The popular "Where Are They Now" series focus on Thomas and what he is been doing since he graduated. (Photo by Foto208.com--all rights reserved.)

Remember Greg Patton's Bronco All American Thomas Schoeck?

On April 10, 2010, MBA candidate Thomas Schoeck and his Boise State teammates defeated nineteen major universities to place second at the New Venture Championship hosted at the University of Oregon's Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship. The winner was University of Louisville. Boise State's high finish included victories over Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, BYU, Cornell, Texas, and Oregon. To read the article link to:


Bronco tennis fans who follow Coach Greg "The General" Patton and his platoon will remember Thomas Schoeck from the 2005-6 team when he and Luke Shields, ranked #4 in the nation, were NCAA Division-1 All Americans.

Boise State won three consecutive Western Athletic Conference tennis championships from 2004-2006. The Broncos hosted the '06 tournament. Fresno was the opponent in the finals. I was there and enjoyed the match from start to finish…and what a finish. The match was tied at 3-3 after the three doubles matches and five of the six singles matches.

One singles match was still being played. The winner would decide the conference championship. Schoeck was playing in the match and it had been a barnburner. About 700 raucous fans crowded the court on all sides. Deep in the third set the court referee stopped the match, yelled at the fans, and penalized Thomas for "bad crowd behavior", giving the Fresno player one point and a big advantage in the set.

It later was discovered the person who caused the problem, repeatedly yelling from the balcony, was a Fresno fan posing as a Bronco. Schoeck persevered, overcame the advantage, and tied the set at 6-6 to force a tiebreaker. Thomas won the tiebreaker, the match, the WAC Championship trophy… and the crowd and the team went berserk.

Thomas Schoeck represents the type of quality person Greg Patton recruits to play for the Broncos. The NCAA ranked Patton's program #1 in the United States in 2002 and 2003, as the tennis team with the highest student-athlete graduation rate. Boise State was awarded $25,000 as part of the USA Today/NCAA Academic Achievement Awards Program for this accomplishment.

Thomas toured as a pro tennis player in 2008, winning the Garber Automall Pro Tennis Doubles tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, with Ross Wilson, of the USA. He is one of seven Boise State University All Americans which includes two-time Wimbledon finalist and champion, Wesley Moodie.

Schoeck returned to Boise State in 2009 to work on his MBA and has been the manager of the Boise State University men's tennis program for the past two years.

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