What Boise State Can Achieve in 2010

The challenge is tough, the opponents fired up and the mountain is a steep one. Here is a scorecard for keeping track of the achievements Boise State can make in the history books this season.

Boise State is in the final stages of preparation for this fall's college football season.  The 2010 Bronco football team can make history in many ways.

This fall, Boise State can become:

Ø      the modern record holder as the first team since 1913 to have five undefeated, untied regular seasons in a seven-year period and only the second team in NCAA history to accomplish the feat (Washington is the other.)

Ø       the fourth team in college football history to have a winning seasons percentage above 86% (the others are Michigan , Ohio State and Alabama .)

Ø      the modern record holder and the first collegiate team in 107 years to win seven consecutive games in nine consecutive seasons.  ( Boise State currently shares the modern record of eight straight seasons with Michigan .)

Ø      the third team in history to win 59 straight regular season home games ( Princeton won 75 in a row, Miami of Florida won 69 in a row and Alabama won 58 in a row.)

Ø      the third team since 1908 and the 10th in college football history to accumulate a home record of 73-2 or better.

Ø      the third team since 1900 to have a 10-year home record of 62-1 or better ( Alabama (33-0) and Nebraska (64-1) are the others.)

Ø      the sixth team since 1920 to go unbeaten and untied in three consecutive years.

Ø      the fifth team in the modern era and 11th in history to win ten or more games in eight out of nine years. 

Ø      the seventh school since 1920 and the 10th school in college football history to win 10 or more games in 9 of 11 years.

Ø       the 7th team since 1898 and the 10th team in college football history to win nine or more games in nine consecutive seasons.

Ø      the 8th team since 1920 and the 12th in history to win nine or more games in 10 out of 11 years. 

Ø       the 12th team since 1920 and the 16th team all-time to win eight or more games in 11 consecutive seasons.

Ø       the 22nd team since 1920 to win seven or more games in 12 consecutive seasons.


By averaging 44.3 points per game this season the Broncos can break their school record for scoring average over a 10-year period.  Boise State is second in NCAA history to Yale (1883-1892), which averaged 46.6 points a game.  Boise State is #2 with a scoring average of 41.1 from 2000-2009.  Boise State needs to average 59.9 points a game over the next three years to set an NCAA record for ten-year scoring.

Most of these hurdles set in front of them will be difficult to achieve, but it is a good bet that the '10 Broncos will follow tradition in rewriting some of these records.

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