Bronco Recruits React: Broncos to MWC

The evolution of Boise State athletics continues in 2011 with the move to the Mountain West Conference. The Broncos have dominated the WAC since joining the conference in 2001 and they will most certainly take a step up in terms of competition when they join the Mountain West next year. What do recruits think of the move to the Mountain West?

2010 Signees:

Grant Hedrick - "I think joining the Mountain West is great. It gives us a little more exposure and a little tougher conference. It's a step toward gaining more respect. I think it'll help recruiting a lot knowing that we're in the Mountain West and not the WAC."

Matt Miller - "I think the move to the Mountain West is great for the program. We'll play against a little bit better competition. I think it'll help recruiting a lot and open up the BCS eyes a little bit."

Tyler Horn - "I think it's awesome. Honestly, I don't care who we play. I think it's a good opportunity for Boise State and will have a big impact on the program. The Mountain West is a good conference and it'll open up a lot of things for Boise State."

Bryan Douglas - "Man, I was ecstatic when I heard the news about that. That's marvelous that we joined that conference. I think people will start giving us more consideration now and it'll definitely help with recruiting."

Troy Ware - "That's pretty exciting that we're going to the Mountain West. We'll have a better chance to go to some BCS Bowls."

Kyle Sosnowski - "I think it's pretty awesome. It's a big jump. I think we can handle it as a team and school. I think it'll be fun, exciting, and a challenge. It's going to be an awesome experience. We're starting to get noticed by a lot of people and it will help with recruiting."

Jeremy Ioane - "I think it's a great move for the program. I'm excited to be a part of it."

Holden Huff - "I always love a challenge and this is great for the whole team. It'll definitely help recruiting. People don't look at the WAC the same way that they do the Mountain West. It's going to really help the program."

(2011) Currently Committed To Boise State:

Robert Ash - "It's definitely enticing and more of a challenge. It'll make me work harder. It'll make it a lot easier to recruit and I feel like I made the best decision I can possibly make at this time in my life."

Dallas Burroughs - "I think it's sweet. We'll be playing better competition than we are in the WAC. It's cool that I get to come in when it's evolving into the Mountain West. Hopefully, we can keep getting better and go to the Pac-10 someday."

Jimmy Laughrea - "I hear that everyone is excited about it. The players are excited to get that going. It's exciting to be able to play against some of the better schools out there and it's going to be fun."

Jeff Worthy - "I think moving to the Mountain West is a good move. We'll be playing better teams like BYU and TCU. My family in Texas can also come watch me play. My family can go to the games at San Diego State too. It all worked out for me and I feel strong about my decision."

Samuel Ukwuachu - "It's a big difference in terms of competition. I really want to play against better competition and I think it's a great move for Boise. Playing against those stronger teams will be important. I don't think a lot of people realize what's happening at Boise State. It's on the rise. I can't wait to be a part of that."

(2011) Recruits Considering Boise State:

Cody McCarthy - "It's a big deal. They'll be playing better competition. It takes away that doubt from playing in the WAC. It's all football at the end of the day, but I think it's big for Boise State."

Kelvin Fisher - "I think it's a great move for them since they don't play a lot of good competition in the WAC. A win is a win but playing better competition will get them more recognized and they'll have a better chance to go to BCS Bowls."

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