For the Love of Broncos

Boise State football has been an amazing ride for Bronco fans over the years. For some lucky couples, it has been the beginning of a lifetime together.

When Ian Johnson dropped to a knee to pop the question to his girlfriend, Chrissy Popadics, romantics around the world let out a collective "Ahhhhhh", and Bronco Nation said to themselves, did that really just happen?  Boise State fans were already emotionally spent following what was arguably the most exciting game in the history of college football, and now had to shift their emotions from the thrill of victory to the thrill of seeing a couple begin the rest of their lives together on a national stage.  The Johnsons marriage will forever be linked with Boise State Football because of that one amazing moment, and although they are probably the most high profile example of "Bronco Love", they are not the only ones.  

     As Bronco fans, we all love Boise State football,  but for many of us, just like the Johnsons, that love goes hand in hand with the our own true loves:  our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and kids.  We have met our significant others at games, gone on first dates to see the Broncos, even named our kids after coaches and players.  And if you are like my family, game day during football season is more than just going to a football game, it is a day to hang out with family and enjoy a day of good food and good friends, and share a common love with all.  It is even more special when your family is connected to Boise State football the way some of the posters from Bronco are.   

     1974 was Boise State 's first year as a university, and the year Longtimebronco and his wife went on their first date.  There are not many in Bronco Nation that could tell you who the Broncos played on September 21st of that year, but Longtimebronco can. "My wife is as big a BSU fan as anyone.  It started 36 years ago when our first date was to a Boise State Football game.  I do not remember a lot about the game except we played Cal State Chico and won pretty handily."  He also said, "I guess I should not have been surprised when my wife came last spring and said that we should go to Washington D.C. to watch the Broncos play.  We have been to both New Years Day Fiesta Bowl games and numerous away games."   

How many remember the game on November 17, 2001?  I know I was there, but I couldn't tell you who we played or what happened without looking it up.  Gogoboisestate and his wife can tell you, as this was the day they first started dating.    

 "We went to the game between San Jose and Boise on Nov 17, 2001 .  Left Twin Falls in decent weather, so of course we were styling in new leather jackets.  We headed up with a large group but somehow we got the tickets that put us by ourselves. Nice, but at the same time disappointing.  The rain came and it turned out to be a downpour.  Leather jackets are horrible in rain along with jeans.  So when we were leaving I asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend.  The Broncos spanked San Jose 56-6 in a down pour.  This experience was the beginning of what we are now—husband and wife!  And yes we stayed the entire game. It was great."  

     Forseyfan11 did not meet his girlfriend of five years at a Bronco game, but it has become a major part of their relationship.  "We now make a yearly road-trip with the Broncos and call it a date/vacation. We have traveled to Eugene/ The Coast for Oregon , The Poinsettia Bowl/ Las Vegas , and the Fiesta Bowl/Las Vegas. Next season we are traveling to Virginia Tech/Washington D.C. and maybe New York .  Another thing that makes these all a little different is we drive (Since we are still poor college students)."  

   Many of us have stayed up late cheering on the Broncos while our significant others have tried to sleep.  I know I have gotten the "are you still up?" look from my wife, either towards the end of a game or immediately after, as I am perusing the internet for stories.  Unlike Bronco Country poster Sunthas, I did not, however, do it the night before my wedding.  "The day before my wedding was the rehearsal dinner, and the Fresno vs. Boise State game in 09. We did the rehearsal dinner and then we tried to go out to the bars to watch the game but it was packed, so we came back to my house. My bride was trying to sleep for the big day, but we kept her up with all the cheering from that amazing game."  

    And me?  Yes I also have a story.  Back in 2002 I had just met a wonderful girl from Oklahoma (yes, a Sooner).  We proceeded to have a long distance relationship, and I knew she was the one.  I planned a trip for us to meet in Reno on the weekend of the Boise State Nevada game, and I was going to pop the question.  The week before the trip, I went shopping to buy the ring, but first I purchased her a Boise State fleece for her to wear while she was there.  Needless to say, I asked her to marry me, and we haven't missed a trip to Reno since.   

     Still a Sooner at heart, she now has a season ticket to Bronco Football, and attends every tailgate and every game with me, cheering on the Broncos as if they were her own.  She was even pulling for the Broncos towards the end of that famous game on January 1st, 2007 .  

    If that is not love, I don't know what is.   

Happy Anniversary Lindsey!

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