Ready to Lead

The tight end position at Boise State, mostly led by underclassmen, flourished last season. Now, the returning players look to use that experience and the offseason to grow as better, more complete players. The intense development of this group will pay huge dividends this year and next. (Photos are provided by and Boise State University--all rights reserved.)

From the days of Dirk Koetter to the present, Boise State Football has always turned out great tight ends, with a number of them playing in the National Football League.  The Broncos run a complex offense and no other skill position shifts more than the tight ends.  The position requires physical and smart players.  The 2010 group is arguably the finest and most experienced group to ever take the field for the Broncos.

The leader of the group is senior Tommy Gallarda (That's him--#85--way up in the air!) Described by Coach Chris Strausser as the most pure tight end, Gallarda comes in as the biggest of the group at 6'-5", 255 pounds.  Because of his size and strength, Gallarda was relegated to mostly run blocking and pass protection roles with injuries to Chris O'Neill two years ago and Richie Brockel last season.   His blocking has been exceptional and no more was this observed than in the Fiesta Bowl where he was responsible for All-American and Indianapolis Colts' defensive end Jerry Hughes. Hughes did not record a sack on the day.  A wide receiver in high school Gallarda has the speed to be a big-play threat. At Pro Day, one of the coaches at the drills commented that he ran the fastest 40 of the group.  Gallarda led Bronco tight ends in touchdowns last year with four, two of which were in the Tulsa game.  With gains made by Boise State 's second tight end, look for Gallarda to see the ball more in passing situations.

Junior tight end Kyle Efaw (6'-4" 240) returns, coming off a great season and performance in the Fiesta Bowl with offensive Most Valuable Player honors. A s a sophomore, Efaw was used mostly in passing situations.  He led the tight ends with 444 yards on 31 receptions and one TD. Having gained weight over the off-season, he will be able to handle increased blocking assignments.  This will allow dual tight end packages making it more difficult for defensive coordinators to formulate a game plan against Efaw and Gallarda. 

Sophomore, Chandler Koch(#88 in photo) saw more action this past year as a result of the injury to Richie Brockel early in the season. Although not the tallest, at 6'-2", 245 pounds, Koch is arguably the strongest of the group.  In the nine games he played in last season, he lined up in run packages and yet had a couple of receptions.  He has respectable hands and will line up as a down lineman as well as a slot receiver.  Don't be surprised to see him in on three-tight end formations and sharing time with Dan Paul at Fullback.

Perhaps no one in the group exemplifies being a Bronco more than senior Sean King. A local Boise player, King walked on in 2008 after a season at College of the Redwoods in California. He played in four games this past season on special teams and will likely continue in this role.

The incoming newbie this summer is local Capital High graduate Kyle Sosnowski(#4 in photo).  Voted first team all state as a junior and senior, Sosnowski has the potential to continue the tradition of great home-grown talent.  At 6'-2", 210 pounds, he has a lot of growing to do before hitting the playing field.  He is expected to redshirt this season.

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