The 1-2 Punch!

Individually, Austin Pettis and Titus Young are among the greatest receivers ever to play the game at Boise State. Together, they form a dangerous team, each bringing their own set of skills, each feeding off of the other's strengths. (Note: All photos are the property of Stanley Brewster and use is prohibited.)

When you think of Boise State 's star Quarterback, Kellen Moore, you think of big-time plays, highly accurate passes, monstrous touchdowns, winning seasons, and record-breaking statistics.  One gigantic underlying factor that makes Mr. Moore so great is his wide receiving squad.  When you think of Boise State 's wide receivers, you most likely think of Austin Pettis and Titus Young.  When you hear the name Austin Pettis, you think "hands" and when you hear the name Titus Young, you think "speed".  What better attributes could you ask for from a receiving duo as you enter the 2010 season ranked 5th in the nation with the eyes of the entire country focused directly on you?


Well, let's take a closer look at Austin Pettis and Titus Young. 


Last season, Pettis caught 63 passes for 855 yards and scored a school-record 14 touchdowns to earn All-WAC honors.  He finished the season ranked 50th in the nation in total receiving yards, 60th in receptions per game with an average of 4.85, 61st in yards-per-game with an average of 65.77 and 77th in total scoring with 6.77 points per game.  His size, agility and great hands are just a few attributes this 6'-3", 197-pound senior out of Anaheim , California is able to bring to the table.  


Lined up parallel to Pettis, Young caught 79 passes for 1,041 yards and 10 touchdowns while also finishing first team All-WAC both as a receiver and kick returner. Young finished the season ranked 25th in total receiving yards, 35th in receptions per game with an average of 5.64, and 39th in yards per game with an average of 74.36.  Not only does this 5'-11", 168-pound senior out of Los Angeles , California offer lighting fast speed, but he can also run the ball and poses a scary threat downfield with the deep ball. 


Together, the duo totaled 142 catches for 1,896 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2009.


Over their careers at Boise State , the duo has made their names known as two of the all-time greats to ever grace the blue turf.  Pettis has 58 receptions for 1,887 yards and 29 touchdowns, averaging 52.33 receptions, 629 yards, and 9.67 touchdowns per season.  His longest pass ever caught in a Boise State uniform was for 65 yards and he has never fumbled the football. 


Pettis holds a handful of school records and has his name etched all over the Boise State record books.  He is ranked 9th in single season receptions with 63 and ranked 5th in career receptions behind Don Hutt, Jeremy Childs, Ryan Ikebe, and Mike Wilson with 153.  Pettis only needs to catch 37 passes this season to land the career record.  He also ranks 15th in total career yards with 1,887.  Ryan Ikebe holds that record with 2,751 yards from 1993-1996.  Pettis is ranked 16th in single-season yards with 855.  He can knock off Tim Gilligan and take the record with at least 1,193 yards this season.  Last, but not least, AP is ranked second in career touchdown receptions with 29.  He only needs two more this season to top Don Hutt, who has held the record since 1973.     


Pettis' counterpart, Titus Young, he has caught 133 passes for 1,848 yards and 16 touchdowns with an added 33 rushes for 266 yards and 6 touchdowns during his tenure with Boise State.  Young has 44.33 receptions, 613 yards and 5.33 touchdowns per season.  His longest career reception as a Bronco was 80 yards. 


Young has also found himself a place in the record books alongside the all-time Bronco greats.  He is ranked second in pass receptions in a season with 79.  Jeremy Childs holds that record with 82.  Young also ranks 9th in career receptions with 133.  He ranks 6th in total yards in a season with 1,041 last year and 16th with 1,848 career receiving yards.  Young ranks 5th with 3 scores against Hawaii and 9th in single-season touchdown receptions with 9 last season.  He ranks second in all-purpose yard in a season with 2,012 last year.  Brock Forsey holds the all-time record with 2,127 yards in 2002.  


As a kickoff returner, Young holds a few school records including the longest kickoff return for a touchdown against Idaho last year, which reads 100+ yards, but we all know it was actually a 109-yard fury aimed specifically at the arch rival.  Young also took it to the house against Nevada with a 95-yard return.  He also holds the all-time school record with 31 returns last season and ranks 5th for career returns with 54.  Young needs Just 22 returns this season to pass Quinton Jones.   


When you analyze the entire careers of these two superstars at Boise State , you can't help but realize they share something else beyond catching passes - they have both faced and conquered several obstacles to get where they are today.  A mere two seasons ago, Titus Young faced off-the-field issues leading to a 10-game suspension and a plethora of scrutiny around campus and the Boise community.  Since then, he has vastly matured, putting his character and team first while leaving the past in the rear-view mirror.  Titus has moved forward as the issue now remains only as a vague memory and overall learning experience in this "Young" man's growth.  His biggest season is yet to come, as the doors are wide open and future is looking very bright for Mr. Young.  


Just nine months ago, Pettis faced what could have been a season-ending injury against Nevada on a two-point conversion attempt last November.  As some simply wrote him off for possibly the biggest game of his life, many Bronco faithful stood by holding their breath in hopes that AP would take the field in the Fiesta Bowl.  Well, just two months after fracturing a bone in his ankle, the Boise State star was dressed and lined up against a monstrous TCU defense on one of college football's largest stages.  While not at his full health and potential, just the mere fact of his odds-defying recovery proved what Austin Pettis is truly made of.  He has shown the world how much he loves this game and his ultimate desire to win.  


High-octane offense, bone-crushing defense, efficient passing and versatile running are just a few of the vital aspects that can be seen as the 2010 Boise State Broncos take the field in what could be the biggest and most prominent season in school history.  There are several key factors that must remain on point for the team to achieve another season of success and greatness.  However, everything starts with QB Kellen Moore and ends in the hands of Austin Pettis and Titus Young. 

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