Tech Backs Eager for 2010 Season

When you look at the nation's running back tandems this fall in college football, they don't get better than Virginia Tech's Darren Evans and Ryan Williams.

 Virginia Tech's running back situation is better now than it has been any year with the possible exception of 2003.  VT has five RB's who could play and be very good.  It's a good thing the Hokies have a lot of bodies here because the running game is Tech's bread and butter.  VT will run until the opponent proves that they can stop it, and even then they might run it more.


  1.  Ryan Williams rSo  5-10 210 (4.5 40)
    Bronco fans have heard plenty about him and he will almost certainly be the starter.  He isn't the fastest runner but he is the shiftiest.  He has outstanding vision and respectable power.   As former defensive end Orion Martian said about Williams, "His moves have moves."  He doesn't run away from corners, but he almost never gets tackled by the first guy.


  1. Darren Evans rJr 6-0 213
    Evans is a big powerful runner.  Much like Williams, he doesn't run away from corners, but he is almost impossible to stop behind the line.  He missed all of last season with a torn
    ACL .  It is unclear whether or not he is the same RB as he was in 2008.


  1. Josh Oglesby rJr  5-11 209
    Oglesby is a great utility player that could start for the vast majority of teams that Virginia Tech plays.  He is a downhill runner similar to Evans, but a little shiftier.  This year Virginia Tech is going to try him in a modified fullback role where the coaches will try to get him the ball more than a traditional FB. 


  1. David Wilson So 5-11 195 (4.29 40)

  is a speedster with a sub 4.3 40.  He played great against Marshall , but struggled with his vision against better competition.  Due to the depth at RB, he requested a redshirt and the coaches will grant it if they can.  He will pick up the position sooner or later and might make people say, "Ryan who?"


  1. Tony Gregory rFr  6-0 186  (4.3 40)
    Gregory looked like the offensive player of the spring game. With many of the RB's out to prevent injuries, Gregory was the most impressive out there.  He is one of the fastest guys on the team and runs bigger than he is.  He was a lightly-recruited kid coming out of high school, but now the wide receiver and running back coaches are both fighting to have him. 

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