Taylor Made

Tyrod Taylor has improved much since he took the reins of the Virginia Tech offense as a freshman. He owns the position in Blacksburg and the battle now is for the quarterback that will replace him.

Before reading this, you should know the three most important stats for a Virginia Tech offense. Those three are rushing offense, passing efficiency, and time of possession. If the Hokies win those battles, they will be in good shape. VT will have five quarterbacks on the roster this year. Two of those will be true freshmen (Mark Leal and Richardo Young) who will certainly redshirt. Another is a redshirt sophomore, a two-star recruit who served as Tyrod Taylor's backup (Ju Ju Clayton). He has the best name on the team and is a pretty good player considering the caliber of recruit he was. However, it is highly unlikely he will ever start a game. The rest of my summary will be the starter, Tyrod Taylor, and his backup, Logan Thomas. They are the only ones you are likely to see anyway.

Virginia Tech has the luxury of starting a senior (Taylor) who is a four-year starter. Well kind of a four-year starter, as he split reps his first two years. In those two years he got an unfair reputation for not being able to pass the ball. His freshman year was pretty reasonable for a passer, especially for a true freshman. His sophomore year was much worse, but he was dealing with all true freshmen wide receivers.

In his junior year he really showed what he can do. He didn't have that many yards, but that isn't want the Virginia Tech QB's are asked to do. They are asked to be efficient and TT was top 10 in QB efficiency last year. He had almost 10 yards per attempt and 17 yards per completion. In comparison Moore was around 8 yards per attempt, and 13 yards per completion.

Tyrod also got the reputation of being a great runner and athlete. This was well deserved especially in his sophomore year where he was averaging five yards per carry including sacks, as well as rushing for seven TD's. Since his freshman year, Tyrod has been bulking up on good weight to make him more durable, but he has slowed down a touch. Granted he is still quick and he will make you miss. He won't take off running as much as he used to, but he is very good at creating his own time in the pocket when things break down. He will still pick up 10-15 yards on broken pass plays, but he didn't have any of the 40+ yard broken plays that we have in previous years. The prediction for this year is that Tyrod's passing will again take a small to medium step up, and his running game will stay about the same.

The backup QB is Logan Thomas. He is actually a converted tight end playing QB, but he is the most physically skilled QB Tech has ever had. He doesn't seem to have any trouble throwing the ball 60 yards down the field right on the money. Add to that he is 6'-6" and 235 pounds and very fast. As far as dual-threat QB's go he is definitely more like a Vince Young or Jamarcus Russell than a Michael Vick or Tyrod Taylor. He is only a rFr, so he won't play unless Tyrod gets hurt or there is a blowout, but Hokie fans are very excited about this young man's future.

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