Keys to the Game: Kent State

Coming off an uneven effort vs an FCS team Weber State, BC is looking to play a more complete game against Kent State. In their latest draft, the BC Draft crew take a look to what BC needs to do to stop their MAC foe.

1st Wesley) Stop Jarvis

This guy will be looking forward to revenge for the stop of his '09 campaign by BC, and if you are unaware, Marty Bowman, literally broke his spleen last year. It wasn't overly publicized, other than he was injured, but yeah, a spleen. Wes Davis wasn't kidding when he said Boomkat was the hardest hitter he had ever seen. But don't let that skew you...Jarvis is a great back, with great cut ability that has the potential to give BC fits.

2nd BCMike) Pressure Spencer Keith

Good call on numero uno there, Wesley…Jarvis is the one that the team feeds off for sure. However, it looks like the Golden Flashes have a star in the making in Spencer Keith. Keith has shown impressive numbers in his last five games putting up 275 (11.5 avg), 232 (12.9 avg), 377 (12.6 avg), 373 (15.5 avg), and 273 (11.9 avg) through the air. Impressive numbers to be sure, but the respectable avg/pass makes me think that he's a guy who likes to take shots deep, not just dinking and dunking. If that's the case, we really have to stick to our tried and true method of playing back and making the QB make stupid mistakes…one that Keith will surely be much more likely to do with a solid pass rush up the middle. It's time to attack him and see if he can do the same thing he did to Murray St, Temple, Akron, Western Michigan, and Ohio to the Eagles (teams faced respective to the numbers posted above).

3W)Wear out the passing game

If Murray State can, so can we!! Last week Murray State played Kent State and lost 41-10, well they still threw for over 250 yards, which is more than BC put up against Weber St. My quick point is if Murray State can, BC better show that they can as well.

4M) Establish Coleman early

I honestly believe we saw flashes of the future with Coleman last week. He's the answer we all hoped he would be and the guy who looks to be stepping up in the hole Larmond was forced to create. I think if we can establish a deep/long receiving threat early that will open up the middle of the field and force the safeties to play back, respecting the pass so that Montel can get an honest crack at the run.

5W) Use the FB in the Run Game

I like utilizing the FB to wear down the defense, and give a good change of pace from the RB... ESPECIALLY, when most of their DT average about 6'1 250. McCluskey will be a great push against KSU's line and roll like a bowling ball.

6M) LBs looking for crossing routes

Last year, BC recorded two interceptions against Keith. Both came by way of (then) LB's Nick Clancy and Dominic LeGrande. LeGrande has now shifted back to safety but it's easy to argue that there's now even more talent at LB available for McGovern to play with. Yes, we need to stop the run, but be opportunistic on D if you're at the LB spot and go for the pick. Getting up early on these guys last year proved to be a momentum shifter and they didn't pass the 50 until the 4th quarter. Let's get some INTs from the LBs early and convert them into points.

7W) locker room material

Kent state loves to hype up this game. They have had the same view since the start of this series. Let's use that to our advantage. Add to that the performance of last week which made people wonder how much BC has in the tank, well its time to show them. KSU always feels like they have a good opportunity to win, and I don't blame them for that, but BC needs to be motivated to prove to them that its not in the realm of possibility

8M) If one QB isn't working out, don't stick with it

I know this seems pretty obvious, but the fact is that we're extremely likely to see both Uncle Dave and Marsco get significant playing time vs. Kent State. My point here is that I would like to view that as a luxury. If one or the other is playing very well or very poorly, don't keep the rotation going if the other guy clearly doesn't have it. It's still Uncle Dave's job to lose, for better or worse, but don't play either QB just to play them. Play the one who is making the plays. We need to have the starting QB—whomever that may be—go into next game with the confidence that the team and coach is behind them. Decide it in the first half and go with the strongest choice in the 2nd half.

9W) Creative coaching

Good call Mike, I hope Marsco gets more than three tosses. THAT IS RIGHT, he only had 3 passes last week against Weber St. how do you evaluate talent on 3 passes?

Creative coaching, this is the last time to see what works before VT in game speed. Use it wisely...establish what is going to work for the eagles, and answer any questions u have now. I know I had a similar one last week but I think it really applies, and I didn't see it against Weber St. I hope the staff takes advantage of this week to work any possible kinks out.

10M) Keeping Kirkland in-check

Much the way that Coleman and the other WRs now have a chance to step up, Sam Kirkland had to wait for those in front of him to move on before he's had a chance to shine. Now in the starting lineup, Kirkland halved his season totals from last year in one week during his last outing; notching nine catches for 126 and a touch. The other WRs combined for five catches for 34 yards. It appears Spencer Keith has a new favorite target, so it's time to lock him down and force his hand to throw in another direction.

BCMike and Wesley are the founders and editors of BC Draft. You can read their work at Eagle Insider and BC Draft during the season.

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