Before he was an Eagle: Chase Rettig

Boston College freshman quarterback Chase Rettig makes his college football debut this Saturday against Notre Dame. BC fans have been anticipating his potential since the day he committed to Frank Spaziani. With no game film to review and only whispers coming out of BC's practices, it makes sense to look back on his high school career to learn more about this potential BC legend in the making.

This is what's Brandon Huffman had to say about Rettig as a recruit:

Rettig has one of the strongest arms of any quarterback in the West... As strong as his arm is, he still needs to continue to work on his consistency and accuracy.

The same sort of message has been coming out of BC's practices. Every Eagle receiver has commented on Rettig's rocket throws. BC should take advantage of that arm by aggressively going downfield against the Irish.

The analysts also liked Rettig's size and release. Given the pressure that Dave Shinskie faced in the BC pocket, Rettig will need a quick release and be able to take a hit or two.

As for his pocket presencnce,'s Matt Akire had this to say last year:

Rettig always has his eyes downfield and isn't afraid to take a hit. He is poised and feels the rush and has the athletic ability to avoid it or even take off on his own and pick up some yards.

BC has produced excellent quarterbacks over the past 30 years. Based on his high school performance, Rettig could be that next great Eagle. However, on Saturday Rettig's potential and recruiting profile won't matter anymore. What will matter is how he plays under pressure and if his teammates rally around him to beat the Irish.

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