Inside Look at BC's Newest Kicker

Boston College struggled in the kicking game last season, so Coach Steve Addazio went out and recruited a Georgian native to help bolster the Special Teams. All-American Colton Lichtenberg could be the answer booting the ball through the uprights for the Eagles next fall.

The Boston College Eagles have been steadily improving under head coach Steve Addazio, but they still struggled in their kicking game. They missed close to one out of every five extra points and 37 percent of their attempted field goals. With the accolades and statistics to back up his powerful right leg, the Georgian native Colton Lichtenberg could be the answer to the team’s kicking troubles.

Lichtenberg played for Savannah Country Day School last season where he punched in all 27 of his attempted extra points and was 14 of 17 on field goals including booting one in from 49 yards. For his achievements, he was nominated to the 2014 All-American second team.

With his impressive resume of statistics and accolades, the 5’10”, 180-pound Lichtenberg is ready to vye for the Eagles’ kicking job. Boston College had three players share the kicking duties last season, but Lichtenberg singled out Mike Knoll as the guy he will match up against. “Knoll is a very good kicker. I have seen film of him. He is ranked high on every single site I look at... but I just have to compete with him.” Knoll only received four field goal opportunities as a freshman in 2014, but knocked in all but two of his extra points while in the maroon and gold.

Although competition might appear to stand in his way, Lichtenberg says he is ready to contend for the position regardless of whether he wins the job because “competition brings out the best... it is going to benefit the team, special teams wise, and we are going to build each other mental wise, it is going to be good for the team.”

Despite Boston College not being known for its play on the football field, Lichtenberg chose Boston College over full-ride offers from Fresno State, Middle Tennessee, New Mexico State and numerous walk-on offers from schools such as South Carolina. He made his decision based largely on the prestigous academics of Boston College, sighting the fact that “sooner or later, football is going to end for me. It was a 40-year decision, not a four-year decision. If I come out of Boston College with a degree, that is really remarkable.” Altough Boston College is no SEC powerhouse, the kicker is happy with the work Coach Addazio has done while at Chestnut Hill. He told Scout that he thinks that “Coach Addazio is really turning around this program... he is really turning this into a respectable program and I am really happy to jump on board that.”

Lichtenberg will technically be walk onto the team this fall, but in January he will be put on a scholarship. “It was not seen that Coach Addazio would have kicking problems, so he threw some offers out and didn’t have a spot for me,” said Lichtenberg.

The Peach State native has only kicked in cold weather a handful of times, so coming to Boston may be a bit of a shock, but the chance to play football while receiving a prestigious degree is enough of a reason for Colton Lichtenberg to make the move to Boston. His decision will hopefully pay dividends not only for him, but for the Eagles as well.

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