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Roy Williams walks out with help from medical team

Roy Williams collapses in second half of game vs Boston College

In the second half of North Carolina's matchup against Boston College, head coach Roy Williams had a medical emergency. Williams, who is now in his 28th year of coaching collapsed during a media time out. The head coach walked out of Silvio Conte Forum with help from the medical staff. There didnt seem to be any serious problems, but Williams was not allowed to coach the remainder of the close game against Boston College.

Coach Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina appeared in the post game press conference after the Tar Heels gutsy win.

"I'm alive, Im kicking but I'm not well" said Williams post game. The head coach, who is now in his 13th year with North Carolina, did not look good after the game. Coach Williams said he has been dealing with benign positional vertigo attacks for the past 18 years of coaching, but this was his first time suffering an attack during a game.

Beningn positional vertigo is a described as episodes of diziness and spinning when the head is moved a certain way. Luckily, this is a treatable disease and the future hall of fame coach was in good hands. The teams trainer had two pills ready for Coach WIlliams when he entered the locker room.

" I only threw up a little bit, I thought I'd throw up a lot because thats what usually happens." said Williams who immediately shifted gears to the game after this comment.

"I made the decision that if we lost I was going to get back out there because I was going to sit with my team, but if we won I was going to stay out of the way." He then said "I couldnt be happier for my team." 

The Tar Heels brought the game down to the wire when they took the lead with three minutes and eighteen seconds left to play. The baby blues of tobacco road had been playing from behind throughout the entirety of the game. The players had Coach Williams in the back of their head as they closed out a 68-65 win on the road to improve to 20-4 on the season.

We wish Coach Williams a speedy recovery.

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