Will Worthington Visit BC?

Defensive end Doug Worthington of Athol Springs, NY, is still a solid commitment to Ohio State, but continues to take visits on the advice of his father.

Doug Worthington Profile

Worthington visited the University of Alabama last weekend and enjoyed it.

"It was a nice trip," Worthington said. "I had fun. Nice little parties and stuff. It's a nice little area. They are serious about their sports."

Worthington was impressed with Mike Shula and his staff.

"Coaching staff was real nice," he said. "The players seem to like the coaches a lot, and they do need help in a lot of positions. I don't know what to say. I'm OSU, but I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to them. But I had a great visit (to Alabama). It was a great time. Great parties. It was nice. Tuscaloosa was nice little college town. It's not as big as Columbus, but it was nice though. There were a couple schools around there that helped the parties – helped the social life – so it wasn't too bad."

The 6-7, 250-pound Worthington had 72 tackles, four sacks and 21 quarterback pressures as a senior at St. Francis High School. As a junior, he had 72 tackles, seven sacks and 12 pressures.

Worthington will visit the University of Florida this weekend.

"I am looking forward to it," he said. "My father will come down and go there with me. So, it should be a nice visit."

Worthington's father usually doesn't accompany him on the recruiting trips.

"I think he's just going to Florida to meet the new coaching staff and stuff like that," Worthington said. "He didn't go Wisconsin, or Alabama. He's likes Ohio State and he went on that one with me. But for my other visits, he just wanted me to go by myself and have a good time. But he's going on this one with me."

Worthington has one more official visit set up after Florida – Boston College Jan. 21.

"Yeah, I'll probably go on that one," he said.

Worthington reiterated that he's a future Buckeye, he is just playing it safe and enjoying the recruiting process

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