Goodwyn Discusses Commitment

Natick cornerback Reshaude Goodwyn talks about his decision to commit to Coach O'Brien and the Eagles. What were the main factors in his decision?

Natick cornerback Reshaude Goodwyn (6-0, 175, 4.4) committed to Boston College on Saturday after going to campus with his good friend and teammate Bill Flutie.

"My mom was supposed to go but she was unable to make it so Flutie and I went to watch the scrimmage, it was really nice, there were about ten other recruits there."

"I really liked the vibe up there, I got a really good feeling by seeing the players and getting to meet them as well. Also having a teammate there will be a plus since it will be a new environment for me it's nice to have a support system like that, Flutie already knows me."

"After the scrimmage I went to Coach O'Brien's office and we were able to have a talk, and after that meeting I knew I was ready to commit. I also got a chance to meet all the coached and spend a lot of time with them all."

In past updates Goodwyn has said that meeting current players would be a major factor in his decision and it was the case at Boston College as well.

"I got a chance to hang out with the players and I felt like I belong there, they all were telling me that I better go there, and that I was an Eagle."

"My Mom wanted me to commit with her there, she just wanted to make sure that everything was OK. When I came home and told her I committed today she was surprised and just said why did you go to Boston College? After I told her my reason she was OK with the decision. She did tell me that I needed to call Coach Johnson at Connecticut as soon as possible to tell them and to thank them for their interest, and that we appreciated everything they did."

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