Mature Porter Having Fun in BC Offense

On Saturday afternoon Boston College fans saw a much different Quinton Porter from the junior who took the field at the beginning of the 2003 season.

By his own admission, Quinton Porter is having fun playing football again.

And BC fans are enjoying watching him.

The 6'5", 224-pound senior from Portland, Maine, spent the entire 2004 season slinging passes on the scout team, having fun in the process.

"It was great," said Porter on Wednesday afternoon. "It gave me a chance to relax a little bit and have fun with football which is something I haven't been able to do in the past. That gave me a year to mature; I came into this season with more of a controlled confidence."

The confident Porter managed Saturday's win over BYU to perfection, completing 27 of 35 passes for 232 yards and two scores. He looked calm, cool and collected in the process.

"I was trying to take what the defense was giving me," said Porter. "There were times when I was hitting the third or fourth receiver; I was going through my progressions. Back then I might have forced something or just tried to run. That's all a good sign."

You can say that again.

The "back then" Porter alluded to was the beginning of the 2003 season when he made some rookie mistakes against Wake Forest. At the risk of opening up old wounds, I will not rehash the details of that game (read at your own risk), but it's apparent that Porter is a different player now than he was two years ago.

"I've been able to just go out there and play because I have such a handle on the offense," said Porter. "In 2003 I was still pretty young and still trying to learn everything. Now nothing really surprises me so much. I'll take my shots when they're there; decision making is something that seems like it's coming a little better."

Porter is blessed with perhaps the deepest, most-talented group of wide receivers that BC has ever seen under Tom O'Brien and Dana Bible. The top four guys- William Blackmon, Larry Lester, Tony Gonzalez and Jason Lilly- all recorded receptions on Saturday afternoon. Kevin Challenger and Taylor Sele also saw the field. Redshirt freshman Brandon Robinson was absent (hard to imagine him as the number seven wide receiver), but Porter seemed confident the youngster from Minnesota would get his chance.

"It's been great to have such depth and be able to put guys out there and not lose a step," said Porter, referring to Coach Bible's wide receiver rotation. "It's a great sign that someone like Brandon isn't out there right now; he's got a lot to learn and he's got a lot of potential so I'm sure he'll get out there at some point in the season."

With or without "B-Rob," the Eagles will square off against the Black Knights of Army on Saturday afternoon. Seven days later, the Eagles will open their ACC schedule by hosting the Florida State Seminoles under the lights at Alumni Stadium.

Fans are looking ahead, so one would assume the players might take a glance at who was on the slate following Army.

Porter knows the schedule and seems to think it works to the Eagles' advantage.

"Having a tough schedule ahead of us is good going into Army because we know we've gotta improve as a team," said Porter.

You can bet Porter will be out there on Saturday having fun with a "controlled confidence" in his ability to run the Boston College offense.

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