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How will the Chris Crane-led Eagles follow-up 2007's 11-win campaign in 2008? Pundits are predicting mediocrity. EagleInsider's crack staff has their own ideas.

EagleCaddy - 10-2 (regular season) 1-1 post season.

We win the ACC Championship game but lose in the Orange Bowl. To be honest if Crane is halfway decent 8 wins should be our floor. The ACC is not looking good at all. There is not one team on our schedule that scares me at all. The unknown of GTech is a bit worrisome but the rest meh. I put a lot on Spaz for this season so F it damn it. Fudge, shoot (I am realizing how much I am counting on Spaz in that prediction)Let it ride.

EagleSmith - 9-3 regular season.

BC just misses out on the ACC Championship game as Tommy Bowden finally gets his team over the hump. Note: Bowden only does this because Virginia Tech and BC are very young teams and FSU and Miami continue to underachieve at a level not seen since Andruw Jones signed with the L.A. Dodgers. That, or Charlie Weis' entire tenure at Notre Dame. Take your pick.

BC's concerns are only really against teams that can air the ball out. BC's run defense will be stout and the linebacking corps is one of the best in the country. The offense is a concern because of all the new personnel, but hopefully the veteran receivers give Crane a comfort zone so he can manage the game well. Even if the offense is forced to play not to lose early on, the defense should be able to carry them through a relatively easy month of September.

Specifically, I see the losses going this way:

@UNC- Either UNC has a breakout year and Butch Davis has turned the program around, or UNC resembles the San Francisco 49ers of last year, where everyone picked them as their sleeper and they were awful. They've got some guys who should be playmakers at wide receiver. This is my least confident loss predicted for BC. I could easily see the BC defense winning this one for the Eagles.

Clemson- The Tigers are loaded and clearly the most talented team in the ACC...can Tommy Bowden really screw up even this situation? If he does, he's gone.

@ Wake Forest- Stupid Jim Grobe.

Wins - URI, Kent State, and UCF: Not a lot to worry about, just be glad Kevin Smith left early from UCF.

Georgia Tech: I'm glad BC gets them early in the year, before they've fully absorbed Paul Johnson's offense.

@N.C. State: Even the respectable College Football News predicts BC will lose to NC State, but I don't see it. Too many guys left from when TOB dissed them. No Hail Mary victory for the Wolfpack this time. This defense is too good to get beat by Deep Sea Dana's innovative play calling.

Virginia Tech: Too young and the over/under on when Frank Beamer is going to regret redshirting Tyrod Taylor is now set at 5 games, when Tech travels to Nebraska to face Bo Pellini's new defense.

ND: The Irish will be better, but not enough to beat BC on the road with BC's (hopefully) dominant defense.

@FSU: Yet again, strong defense and anemic offense. The Noles are really going to struggle this year, so I think BC wins that game on the strength of the defense and the weak O-line at FSU.

Maryland: Revenge game. Enough said.

EagleChevy - 12-2 (2-0 postseason)

I get asked probably 35 times a day by various people, "How's BC gonna do this year?"

I've thought about it. I've broken down the schedule, I've taken a look at the personnel, and most importantly I've considered the coaching staff.

The answer I've come up with has roughly taken the form of, "This will be the first time in recent memory a BC team will exceed expectations." You can argue 11 wins surpassed expectations a season ago, but once BC started out undefeated and the college football landscape reeked of parity the bar was raised mid-season. BC fans were talking BCS as a worst-case scenario.

2008 will be different. There's no future franchise QB at the helm, but there are four potential first-day selections in the defensive front seven. I see Roderick Rollins, Donnie Fletcher, Marty Bowman and Wes Davis emerging as dependable players in the secondary.

The kicking scares the hell out of me, even moreso than the lack of experience on the O-Line and at running back. If BC had a kicking game last year this article might be about the Eagles defending their Orange Bowl title. I'm convinced Billy Bennett will rise from the proverbial ashes and handle the place kicking duties.

As it is I am going out on a limb and predicting the Eagles will defeat the Hokies in the ACCCG and the BYU Stormin Mormons in the Orange Bowl. I see regular season losses at Wake Forest and home to Virginia Tech.

Let the games begin Saturday night with a neutral-site tilt versus Kentucky State University (TM stds). This game will be televised on ESPNU which is:

a). Not part of ESPN Gameplan
b). Not part of ESPN.360
c). Available in HD, apparently
d). Not available in the BC dorms. All you students out there, head over to Roggie's. Tell 'em Chevy sent you.

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