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Notes and quotes from Chestnut Hill as the Eagles prepare for Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Hanna Makin' it Crane

BC's senior quarterback is no stranger to playing in tropical storms, and although TS Hanna may not get to Boston until Saturday night, there's still an outside shot it will interfere with BC's home opener.

Two years ago Chris Crane got his first career start against the University of Buffalo in a torrential downpour.

"It wasn't just rain that day, it was continual drenching," said Crane on Wednesday afternoon. "Everything was soaked - there was no point in trying to towel off because the towel would be soaked before you even used it."

When I brought up the possibility of rain for Saturday's game, Crane sounded like that was the last thing he wanted to hear.

"I'm hoping the rain won't be quite as bad so we can do everything we want to on offense."

If it's a rainy game, the Eagles might not be able to establish the downfield passing attack they would like to.

Eagles Relatively Healthy

-Senior defensive tackle Ron Brace will likely play on Saturday after sitting out of Friday's practice with a bad back.

Coach Jagodzinski indicated that running back Jeff Smith would be in the lineup on Saturday, but both him and cornerback DeLeon Gause suffered injuries in Saturday's season opener against Kent State. Both are expected to play, although in Gause's case a slick field might keep him on the sidelines.

Can BC Pull off the Upset?

This is the question posited by the Boston Herald's sports section, in poll format, below the picture of Chris Crane

Seriously? BC is higher-ranked, a favorite, and at home. I suppose Georgia Tech would be somewhat upset if they lost, so maybe that's what the poll was getting at.

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