Who's Next?

Now that the coaching search is in process, it is time to look at the potential options for Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. Eagle Insider has checked with sources around Boston College to compile a list of candidates that are known to be of some interest to Boston College. The process will begin with the internal candidates and move quickly to external candidates of interest.

Now that the coaching search is on, it is time to take a look at potential candidates. Inevitably, just about every name in the business will be mentioned by someone at some point. That's what happens when a high profile job suddenly opens. The combination of rumor and trial balloons makes the list grow beyond all sensibility.

The following are names we have heard may be interested and may be of interest to BC. Remember, it takes two to make a deal. Just because BC is interested does not mean the coach is interested. More important, there will be a stack of resumes on Gene's desk before the week is over, few of them will get serious consideration.

The Insiders

Frank Spaziani: For all the obvious reasons, Coach Spaziani is the favorite at this point. He was seriously considered the last time and will be in the mix this time. His long tenure at Boston College and love for the school makes him an attractive option. He is also one of the best defensive coordinators in the game. The one constant over the years has been tough defense at BC.

Hiring Coach Spaziani would fill most of the AD's criteria and provide stability for the program. He would retain many of the current coaches, particularly on defense. The two knocks on him at this point are how he would go about building the rest of the staff, particularly on offense. The bigger issue may be his style. The AD wants a head coach who is also an ambassador to the fans, alumni and boosters. Coach Spaz is old school. He's not going to light up a room or chat up reporters when there is work to be done.

Jack Bicknell: Under different circumstances, Coach Bicknell would be a strong favorite to be the next coach. He played at BC with Flutie, his father was a coach at The Heights, he has head coaching experience and is a guy who would stay a long time. His relative youth means he would bring high energy to the position, something the AD values.

Steve Logan: Coach Logan has the resume and he would add spice to coaching position. His wide open style would also fit well with what the AD wants from a head football coach. The fact is, Coach Logan has had plenty of chances to get a head job and has turned all of them down. He has made it clear he is not interested in the hassle of being the head man again.

The Outsiders

Al Golden: For the recruiting guys, Temple's Al Golden is a dream candidate. His success on the recruiting trail at every stop in his career is the main attraction. He spent two years at BC and the AD knows him well. The down side is he has been the head man at Temple for just two years. He has done well there, but he may need to ripen on the vine before taking the big step up to the BCS.

Mike London: Another guy with ties to BC, London is currently the head coach at Richmond. In his first year, he led the Spiders to the FCS title. He has been at BC and spent time at Virginia, another school with serious academics. When Al Groh was in trouble, he was rumored to be their top choice to replace him. The question here is his lack of head coaching experience. One year at a FCS school is not much of a track record.

Steve Addazio: Here is a possible wild card. He was just named OC at Florida, but has an extensive coaching background. He has New England roots and was rumored to be in the mix for the Syracuse job. He is an offensive coach who has worked under Urban Meyer for six years. He also spent time at Notre Dame, which means he is well aware of life at a private college. He has a solid reputation on the offensive side of the ball and is a very strong recruiter.

Tom Bradley: Rumored to be the coach in waiting at Penn State, he would seem like a long shot. He was rumored to be interested in the Syracuse job and may be tired of waiting on Paterno to retire. He has an impeccable resume as a coach and should have got a head job long ago. The fact is, he is Frank Spaziani without the connection to Boston College. That would make him an odd choice, even if he is interested.

Jay Norvell: The current OC at Oklahoma is long overdue for a shot at a head job. He was in the mix the last time and has only enhanced his resume in the last two years. He was the only bright spot at Nebraska during the Callahan years and has now turned the Sooners into an offensive juggernaut. The downside here is he has no experience east of the Mississippi.

Randy Edsall: It has long been assumed Boston College is on this coach's wish list of jobs. He spent time at BC under Coughlin and has obvious roots in the area. He has done an excellent job at UConn, despite the obvious limitations on the program. While he would make a great candidate, it is unlikely his current employer would grant BC permission to speak with him.

Mike Kruczek: It is highly unlikely the former BC quarterback would get consideration for the head job. We list him here only as a possibility to fill a staff position. His tenure as the head man at UCF was not good, but he has been fantastic as an OC. His offenses are always entertaining, even when the talent is not up to snuff.

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