Joe Boisture Visits Boston College

Early in the 2010 recruiting season, one player who is already getting plenty of attention is 6'6" Quarterback Joe Boisture. The Michigan QB has several offers and is being recruited by many of the top programs in the country. This weekend he was at Boston College and Eagle Insider was able to catch up with him for an update on his recruiting.

For Boston College, getting a quarterback in the 2010 recruiting class is the highest priority. They have started the search early by setting their sights on one the Midwest's top junior signal callers, Joe Boisture.

We caught up with Joe last night while he was on an unofficial trip to the Heights.

"Yeah, I'm in Boston right now, sitting in a restaurant having dinner. I've been here since Saturday."

Asked about his trip, Joe said, "The coaches took me to the Duke game, the basketball game. I met with the coaches, the athletic director, the Dean of Admissions. It was a lot. The Duke game was great. The students rushed the floor. It was great."

The trip to BC was not just for relaxation. Joe was at Boston College to evaluate one of his top choices for college.

"I met with Coach Mike Siravo. He showed us everything. I met with coach Tranquill, the offensive coordinator. He explained how they are changing up the offense. I met with Coach Spaziani for an hour in his office. "

Asked about his meeting with Coach Spaziani, Joe said, "He's just a real down to earth guy. We not only talked about football, but we talked about life in general. He's just a down to earth guy."

Football is not the only factor in his choice of schools. Joe is focusing on other aspects of the college experience, too.

"I'm looking for tradition [in the school] and I want to go to a good academic school, which Boston College is. Something I learned today is 33,000 freshmen apply each year and only 2100 get in. So, it is a real prestigious school. "

The primary recruiter for Joe is Mike Siravo, but he was most interested in meeting with who will be his quarterback coach in college. So, the time spent with Coach Tranquill was important.

"I need to get along with the quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator. Coach Tranquill will be the guy who works with me [if he chooses BC]. He's been around the park. He's been at a lot of different places and worked with a lot of quarterbacks. He's coached offense and defense, which helps. He knows how the defense works so he can pick the right plays and teach how to read coverages."

While at BC, Joe sat down with the Dean of Admissions and discussed his grades as well as what he should expect at BC as a student.

" I spent an hour with the Dean of Admissions. The big thing at BC is there have been guys who have come in with a 3.5, but had the wrong attitude and they did not stick around long. They were not the right guys for the university. I have about a 3.5 right now, but it is about attitude.

"The dean told coach Siravo that I did well talking with him and I'm all set to come to BC. Work hard and be a good person and it will work out. You walk out of BC with a diploma, you're a made man. "

Unlike many top prospects, Joe intends to make an early decision. He has already spent time at Pittsburgh and is just wrapping up his visit to BC.

"I plan to make an early decision. I've been to Pittsburgh and now BC. On the 22nd I'm going to Cincinnati. So, those are the three schools I'm considering. Hopefully, I can then sit down with my parents and make a decision. I just want to get it out of the way. I mean, this whole recruiting process is long and takes a lot of you."

This year Boisture is transferring to Saline High School, one of the largest in Michigan. He is expected to start for the Hornets this upcoming season.

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