Mass Big Man Looking At Schools

One of the biggest recruits in New England is 6'10" big man Carson Desrosiers out of Massachusetts. Early in the process he has too many offers to count and is now getting into the thick of the recruiting process.

A name that will become very familiar to those who follow college hoops is Carson Desrosiers. The 6'10" big man is being recruited by just about every major college program in the country. His offer list is a who's who of big-time college basketball.

It is early in the process and most juniors are just now getting evaluated. Big men, however, get plenty of attention early. Desrosiers is already in the process of evaluating potential colleges.

"I've been on unofficial visits to Providence, Syracuse, BC, Stanford, UNLV and Arizona State. They all kind of had their pros and cons, but I liked every single one of them."

Since he is a New England guy, one might assume the local schools will get extra consideration. Asked about staying close to home, he said "It would be nice, but it really comes down to which school I like the most. So, proximity is not a huge issue."

The time table is not written in stone, but he is beginning to think about the next steps.

"Right now I have a lot of schools with offers and my high school season is coming to an end. We have the playoffs. That's a couple of weeks. After that I plan to sit down and narrow some of the schools down. "

Asked about his criteria for evaluating schools he said, "I think most of the schools offer a great education. I know that wherever I go I will get a great education that I want. The big thing is how I will fit in with the system as far as basketball. Will I be put inside or will I get to move outside. Syracuse likes to use guys like me outside, for instance."

As far as his game, "I play more of a modern game as a big man. I like going inside with jump hooks and rebounding. But, I can also get outside and shoot it from the perimeter and pass the ball. A couple of schools I talked to said I would be playing the four and maybe even a three. So I can use my outside shooting.

Central Catholic is currently the top rated team in Massachusetts, sitting at 19-and-1. They head into the playoffs as the favorite to win it all this season. This summer, Carson will play ball with the Mass Rebels.

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